Sunday, June 24, 2012


DotA or Warcraft's Heroes have four different spells to cast. Some are passive, some are active. Nonetheless you cannot cast the spells repetitively since it has a cost (mana) and a cooldown buffer. And, unless the the last spell (also known as the Ultimate, or simply just 'Ulti' since the power is very great) is a passive, the ulti takes the longest time to cooldown and highest cost to cast.

It's like the Lady in QiXi legend which the Lady (a goddess) fell in love with a Shepherd which angered the Mother Goddess. As punishment they are separated and only to be met the 7th day of the 7th month, where the magpies would create a bridge for them to meet.

Cooldown duration: 1 year.

My case cooldown duration: 1 week

It's not a punishment for him since he suggested this to make up the lost time dinner we should have. "I was planning on once every week..."

Uh-oh, cooldown timer set: 1 week.

So yesterday he brought me out to lunch just because he had to fetch me to campus and to train station, and along the way, he brought me to lunch.

Status: Ulti:: USED; Cooldown: 1 more week. Ready by next Saturday.

And thus, we didn't have dinner on Saturday, no meals on Sunday, because we have spent the "once every week" thingy deal.

Sad right?

Yeah, you can say that again. If he were to be me, I bet he could feel my heart being squeezed for a second and sliced off two thin pieces.

I bit my lips. Forced out a smile. I couldn't whine anymore. He made his promise anyway. He seemed to be very happy with it. So I couldn't ruin his smile. It's better this way than never have a deal right? (especially I have issues on dinner)

For his smile and hope, against my wish and time, I would rather enjoy than endure.

For now, nothing is worth more than his smile than seeing me in pain.

Family first. Always


Cooldown timer: 6 days, 23 hours 30 minutes

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