Monday, June 4, 2012

Blood is Thicker Than Water

Although I am a complicated guy, I have some fundamental characters.OK, that pic was supposed to be depicting me sliced in two identities (back when I suspected I had a bipolar). I dislike lies. If you choose to lie from me, or hide from me, and eventually I find out about that lie, you are dead. Spell that word twice.

That was what happened to me recently that my brother did something that made me seriously disappointed and unhappy. Usually at that moment, I would have let go everything else and continue my life without knowing I had a brother.

But I do realise one thing: Blood is thicker than water.

I can't do that to my brother. Never. Not when he has done so many things for me.

A long chat and emotional spills, we reconciled.

I thank god for this. I thank my brother. I thank my rationality.

No matter what happens, I will always be there for my brother and understand him. I won't let him be afraid of disclosing the truth. For I am an umbrella to him sometimes. An umbrella will shield the occupant regardless the identity of the occupant. An umbrella never attacks the user (rare cases are isolated though).

I believe in that. Blood is always thicker than water. And so does my love to my family as well as my brother,

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