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Sunday, May 27, 2012


I am not going to mention who, but if that somebody reads it and have a perasan feeling, then it is that somebody I am referring to,

This somebody is a great friend. I can't say we are very very very close, but something in that somebody makes me feel good every time! When I am in trouble, that somebody won't be like other people who keep saying, "don't worry, Support here!" and stuffs like that. That somebody actually helps me up and slowly direct me to a correct and soothing way.

I can't disagree that I used to have a minor conflict with that somebody. But at least that somebody is nice. Real nice. At least that somebody is willingly helpful and appears as when I need help without me making calls or SMSes. And, that somebody is not irritating when helping. You know, some people when they are clubbing and you are breaking up with your girlfriend and then they tell you, "I understand how you feel, but cheers! I be there for you!'

Ahem, I mean, hello? You are enjoying yourself there and you said you understand feelings?


That's so wrong in so many ways.

I always wanted to thank that somebody properly but all that somebody said is 'It's ok. NP.' So, I always send my heartfelt gratitude in my heart. I am glad to have that somebody even though that somebody is not very close to me.

I guess there is a Goldilock's Zone for relationship as well! (Search for planetary Goldilocks' Zone and you will understand what I'm saying here.)

I.... am lovin' you, somebody!

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