Friday, May 11, 2012


OK, this post is meant specifically for me and my feelings, cuz nobody is free enough to listen and, somehow this is meant to be a secret, so if you don't understand what I am writing here, then forget it, you won't because I encode it and I use euphemistic words. Thanks.

I think I am committing into VL. I can't help it. I need to pull myself out. I always wanted L to fall with me on a hay and we would be milking cows. I so wanted to slide on the trunk but I can't because this is VL. It's not supposed to happen. I have broken everything out but seems like secrets of someone is still withheld. I wanted to know more, but it just didn't divulge. Please, God, save me from this misery. Am I really committing into VL? Am I? I don't hope much on the day. I hope just a smack would suffice. Or maybe something as worse as raining together.


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