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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

If the Storm Ends

What if this storm ends and I can't see you as you are now?
Raining December, stormy season
I am drifting alone for a reason
Bringing memories, of us together
What hope I have but better?
And then the rain comes, as I see
When I see you not with me
Been called with glorious name
But I feel like it's a game
Where you go by your friends
while I have to wait till the end
The people you be with, numerous
The people I go with, tears will burst
I hope for more
but only get sore
For we are nothing
out of something
I want to laugh with you as we go
I want to cry with you as we go
But I have neither reached this or that
while you have, but not with me, so sad
If the storm ends, I would walk away
I can't bear the look and words you say
If you are not here with me
so let my heart alone to be
Don't stomp my heart
and yet say never be apart
Because when I leave
there's nothing that will make me stay, with much grief
Because when I walk away
nothing will make my heart sway
If it comes down that I am a pilgrim of loneliness
Then I must continue my journey to the distance
Never stay on you for a chapter
Never be with you for any longer
If the storm ends...

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