Sunday, December 2, 2012

Reynolds Much

I, forgive me for my ignorance, didn't know books can have trailers. I have never thought of how books trailers might be. And when I first saw some glimpse of Alastair Reynolds' book trailer for his latest work "Blue Remembered Earth", I was like 'wow'.

Well, I read some of the reviews of the video and although the book is on the bookshelves of every major bookstores in the world (except Malaysia, from what I know), I think pretty many people have already read it. The reviews on the video tempt me to tear through the wrapper and read it, because one of the video comments is "Reynolds' video definitely has revealed all the plots on it, if you know where to look for clues."

Wait, video with clues?

So today I went to KLCC's Kinokuniya Bookstore to search for it. In the last post, I remembered saying that the staff told me the paperback British version will only be on the shelf next year January. But today, I saw it! And without much hesitation, I bought it, in case I made the same mistake on Alastair's Chasm City, which after I hesitated, I regretted, because it took me almost 10 years to find it back.

I wanted to blue cover, like this one:

But I realised Kinokuniya has this:
I've heard from the author that the tagline "Book One of Poseidon's Children" has been removed. OK, this book is actually part of a trilogy, BUT, the stories are pretty much standalone. How can that be? It is because, when you read all three, the much larger scale of plot is unleashed. And for your info, this book plot spans from 22nd century to 11,000 years in the future.
Don't get stunned, because he wrote a book spanning up to 6 million years in the future (Though I don't really like that book, it's the weakest of all of his works)
Cool huh?
So get one now! Before you suffer the 10-year fate like me!
PS: I have now all his works! Except Zima Blue.

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