Friday, January 13, 2012


"Yerr, you both share things... so gay...."
"Yerr, you protect him... so gay..."

LOL. This is what I heard when me and my bruder are doing stuff for the coming exhibition. I mean, what's gay? How do you define gay? Men who have sex with men? Men who like men?

There is no clear definition on that.

I don't know what to say.

So what? What I know is, I have a bruder and I appreciate him like that way of a real brother. Well, he is real of course, just no blood relations. But that doesn't mean he cannot be my brother. He can choose how many brothers he wants. He can choose to ignore it. But I don't. I chose him and I have to take that responsibility.

If it's gay, then pretty sure you don't know how to appreciate someone like a friend in your life, less to say sister or brother.

Actually, I am proud of what I have. I can some brief moment of dissatisfaction when someone is better than me, but all things come well after that. It's true that without him I am less 'alive-r'. Whatever he said very long time ago.

He can choose to say 'No lah, he is my friend' when he is introducing me to his friend. He can choose to remain silent if I asked him in front of his friends 'You are my brother, right?'

But I don't really care right now. If this relationship continues, then let it be. I don't want to think more about it. Just appreciate the present time. Even if he ignores those statements, I am OK with it. And deep down in my heart, no matter how or when, he still remains my brother.


Anyway, the more you say we are gay, the happier I am. Because that shows I really do love him and people can see that I adore him like a brother should.


Well, it's late. Ciao bloggie!

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