Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ever Since My Fan Broke Down

Ever since my fan in the room (Kampar) broke down, the room has been a lot quieter. I can hear the birds sing, cars whorring by and the wind from the lake. It's true. When you have a hectic, violent and stormy heart and mind, sit down and think about the good old times (warning, do not think too far, or you will drown yourself in emo-ness). Clear your fog and you will see the new sun rising.

Hmm, it's true about the fan too. X just told me: don't be a fan. Don't be a hero trying to make people happy by fanning them because you can't possibly fan everyone. Different people have different needs and when you are already tired, you do realise that you have captured dust on the way and people start to dislike you. Remember, no fan can fan other fan, It just doesn't work.

Hmm, how true is this?

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