Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My First Time

Today, I cycled to school. It was my first day of my semester. The clouds were nice. I liked the weather. I can let the wind slapped my face and the drizzle moist my skin. I was feeling so serene. I don't have class on Mondays (maybe, because my timetable is not really set yet). I was going to the library and meet my brother for lunch.

Hee, I had my first time.

I went to the library, proudly carrying my TOSHIBA laptop and TOSHIBA harddisk upstairs. OK, not proudly, but struggling. I sat down, opened my laptop, revealed my desktop, logged in and, Puay Cian and brother starts sms-ing me. One for booth, another for lunch.

That's not my point, and not my first time.

My first time is, I kissed... OK, no, not. Hell no. I took a book from the shelf, it's called JOVIAN, by Donald Moffitt. It looked old, but when I checked it online and I realised, it's not that old after all. I think the 'bookworms' have been chewing the book for months. It's a sad book about slavery, family, friends and lovers.

Sad as in not EMO, but it's like a true life story how a slave becomes a successful politician. OK, if you might not know, its Sci-Fi. Hard Sci-fi, something like Alastair Reynolds.

Here's the book and synopsis:
Jupiter-born Jarls Anders is enormously strong-molded, like his fellow Jovians, by the giant planet's crushing gravity, which kills all but the hardiest babies in the womb, and which over the generations has selected for strength and survivability. Like his fellow Jovians, Jarls is a bit of an innocent - an unpolished rustic derisively called "cloudhopper" by the sophisticates of Earth and Venus. The story follows Jarls... adventures on three planets as his illusions are gradually stripped away, and he transforms himself from indentured workie to a major player in solar politics.

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