Saturday, January 14, 2012


I have this urge of walking. I think walking is fun. You see, in Kampar, almost everyone drives, cycles and rides. It's like if you are a tiny ant, you can only see wheels on the road, nothing biological. Imagine that you are the only one walking amongst the dashing cars and bikes in and out. You can actually feel yourself in a total different plane of velocity and scenery.

You can see the plants, caterpillars, cow dung etc.

OK, I was being disgusting,

Anyway, walking to me is the only way to experience myself. Back at home in Kampar, I can do nothing except DotA myself, FB-ing and Youtube-ing or maybe some Wikipedia-ing. So I think this semester I will walk to and fro from my house to the campus. =). I will be like last semester, walk to campus and back and sleep early. Of course I MIGHT walk to dinner, if dinner is with friends, if not, I just, you know, order delivery.

Or maybe I eat bread.

LOL. Now I know why Rachel said "why do you have to sound like you are so pity?". OK, this time I am not sounding happy, but I DO really feel happy in walking. Psycho huh? I want to walk and have my time... Having breakfast, drinking coffee and do things that pleases me rather than pleases someone else.

OK, I have to start work again. See you bloggie!

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