Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Here am I, feeling like an American blogger/writer, sipping a cup of icy Shandy while typing this post out in a cold humid night.

Today, I went to the library (as usual) to do my notes, but due to my short attention span I turned my attention towards a book named Between Men which I always wanted to read. That book is so mysterious to me. I wanted to read it but I feared that people will think I am a homosexual, and therefore I read that book.

Yeah, talking about strong correlation between the book and my orientation.

Pfft. *Sips Shandy again*

I read that book, it was written by a female academician who wanted to point out that a strong male-male bond does not necessarily mean gay or homosexual, and she wanted to let other female to think that in fact, a male-male bond lasts longer than heterosex bond. I will mention it tomorrow, 'cuz it's late. *Sips*

I came across several Shakespearean Sonnets and I fell in love with it. I always hated literature of that kind, but because the way the author interpret it, I felt how modern Shakespear was. Well, I will share that out tomorrow, too.

I read about two youths, Robert and George, who claimed themselves as "brothers" which they had different parents and not even a slightest hint of blood relation. The author described George as an active person, sporty, exploring new things often and else, while Robert is introvert, doing accounts and finance, more towards academic and else.

It made me think about me and my bruder now.

I am Robert while he is George. Could it be that we are reincarnated from there? I don't know about you guys out there, but it seems to be strangely similar to us. The characters and the way they behave. I really cannot believe my eyes. I took the book and rushed to my bruder and showed him everything.

He... I don't really know how he really felt, but for me, I was amazed. I felt like I had been reborn several times. That book was dated as far back as the early 19th century and I felt like I had been there.

Was it really reincarnation or a strong coincidence?


I don't know. But now, I feel like the mountain slowly crunched down while the cloud paves a way for the sun to rise as the wind blows across a wide meadow. I feel relieved. It's like I have achieved nirvana. A state almost ecstatic and euphoric. It's like being given a hidden reward only the heart can feel.

It makes me want to appreciate more. I am fortunate this sem was a great one.

I am fortunate to have a bruder.
I am fortunate to be here.
I am fortunate to read that book.
I am fortunate I am alive...

*Sips Shandy*

Signing off.

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