Monday, February 27, 2012


I was listening to Shakira's Shewolf and Enrique Inglesias' Tonight I'm F***ing You as well as The Lonely Island's (ft. Akon) I Just Had Sex when my friends popped in and asked:

"Wow, you actually listen to these songs? I mean, ACTUALLY listen?"

At that moment, my eyebrows and eye were parallelly horzontal. If you know what I mean.

No? You don't know what I mean?


= =

OK, I will announce that I do not like (especially) J-K songs, or Japanese & Korean songs. You want me to explain? First, Korean songs are similar in beat, rhythms and even lyrics. I am a song-performer critic. Sorry. Everyone has his/her own views. Well, I had mine. I've heard from someone that Korean songs are kicking up huge storms just because we all love their beats.

For me, it's like listening to Taylor Swift whole day. Country, country and country.

OK, don't call me a Taylor hater. I am just giving an example, which leads me to my next point.

I love music. But not one whole flood that suffocates me in a single genre. For example, don't pour in a huge amount of Kevin Kern's piano music. Gawd. That's... ear torture. Not eargasm.

So, I actually listen to a wide variety of music, but not only one genre. But I prefer World music, which is something like Adiemus

or something as enigmatic as the band Enigma. Serious. I love serene music like Enya, Sarah Brightman, Leona Lewis and Sarah McLachlan.

But I can go as extreme as clubbing songs ('lame' man's term), or more specifically Techno, Electropop (like La Roux's Bulletproof) and Heavymetal (terms applied). Well about rapping, I have a slight distaste.

I love melodies. (That's why rapping is... erm, not right for me) I need melodic ups and downs, swirls and slurs.

Well, about Enya, that's a long history.

I have been listening to her music since I was only 4 (or maybe even earlier, since I can't recall my baby days). Her voice is really like an elf. Speak as though sing, sing as though speak. Her song is awesome. Till now, without concerts, she is able to achieve millions of CD sales. And the proudest thing yet is nobody can imitate her voice.

She is magical.

OK, I got to stop.

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