Monday, February 20, 2012


It all started with a drizzle in the morning... It was all cold and breezy...

Hmm, I wonder, is it Arva day today? I saw so many Arvarians around. And har, I realised my blog has upsetted my brother. I am so so so sorry. I re-read my blog and indeed I found that it sounded depressing.

Hold on, brother! I never mean that! Because I was doing assignments while I typed it. So there were inconsistencies! I was happy! Oh, dear... I am so sorry about that... >.<

Last night, even though you were not there, what you have "encouraged" had certainly made a positive effect on me. Thank you, especially the last message you had sent.

OK, I have heard some people commenting about my gayness with my brother. Hello, he's my brother. We don't commit gay, because it's incest. We might commit it if we weren't brothers *troll face*. Yeah, so some of you screamed because I said, 'yeah, we are gays' just because I am teasing you. Haha.

So if you want to think about us being gays, go ahead. =P

Today, haha, so funny. I can't even type out the sentence. "Gonna share what MQA food gave me with you"... my reaction was "Awwwwww". Haha... and he did. LOL.

Randoming... whatever... tomorrow's big day. MMU is coming to visit UTAR and I have to prepare for it. What the....

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