Monday, February 13, 2012

Mashie Mashie


OK, after some discussions, that BOLA thingy fundy raisingie, we plan to sell mashed potatoes. OK, I remembered I have posted the recipes here, so PLEASE, don't ask from me again.

Well, now its about something personal.

I've got several preference on the mashed potatoes. And here is what I want to say, different people has different tastes, so we shouldn't always expect people will always match our taste.

For example, comparing Icekimo and Snowflake. You must know, each has their own uniqueness. One is a large premise, and another is a family-based business. You can NEVER compare a sundry shop with ISETAN.

OK, I am going to far...

So, what's about the personal thing? Well, I want to admit I love my mashed potatoes to be chunky. I don't like thorough whipped because first, it's tasteless, second, it's like baby food and third, the milk taste covers everything.

Thus, basically I don't like KFC's mashed potatoes. The only source of taste is that salty brown sauce @.@...  and worse, they use American potatoes... OH NO!!! Why they use those potatoes? Mashed potatoes can only use Yukon gold or Holland potatoes...

Haha... never mind, it's just a preference....

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