Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I have softspot. You hit it, I drown. It's like a whole metal ship but the base of the ship is made of balloon. Pierce it, I sink.

I am terribly sorry to my avicor. I don't know why I trust them more than you. Shall we start again? I am terribly sorry to wipe off the smile from your face. I will put it on for you tomorrow, okay? I will behave again.

After silent treatment, I felt the warmth in me from avicor. It was nothing like I felt before. I now know what you mean about time and 'goes through so much and far'. We, indeed, have gone a long way since then.

I promised to be a good avicor. I will deliver that promise. Although I broke it today, I hope I can fix it before midnight, so that tomorrow we can start all over again. The main reason why I sometimes feel unhappy is that, why you said you are not eating out when I asked you for dinner, but in the end I always find you eating out?

That hurts me. You can just tell me the truth, although I am immune to this.

I want to hold you tighter than before, just to show you that, I am sorrier than before. I don't want to lose a magnificent avicor. Losing it means I can never find it in a million years. My God, you can't have believe what I saw in my mind when my mind chose the road of 'pretend don't know you'. Those images in my mind flashed through was so terrifying.

It's worse than horror movie.

Remember I once mentioned about less than three? I still hold on to it. I want to put the smile I have wiped off from your face back on. I erased your smile. It's time to put it back again.

Can we be better avicor after midnight? I know it's my fault. And I apologize. I just need communication so badly.

Your Avicor

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