Friday, February 24, 2012

Random Thoughts

Blogging. Duh.

I can't believe I ate around 1kg of a cake as my dinner. *burp*... excuse me.

Tell you, this double-room of mine is getting me melancholic day by day. Gosh. I really do hope someone is in my room chatting with me. The room feels so quiet. Housemates are all out. If my brother was same room with me, hmm, I guess neither of us can get our homework done.


Hmm, my friends are all sleeping over to other friends house. They asked, "what about you? Don't you wanna go sleep with your friends?"

*Heart crunch*

I know many of you are besties till you all can even exchange shirts and sleep together every day. I know, seriously! Yes, I admit,  I did wish this before. But what can I say? I am always available for offer, but everyone is not available for offer.


Hmm... I don't know what to say. I just wish my brother all the best in everything. Haha... kesian dia next week and the next next week. I hope I can be helpful by then!

And oh yeah, brother, if you are reading this, this afternoon when we hugged and you said about I can't take pressure on that hug, it's not because you hugged me too tight and I don't want it. It is actually because your shoulder is locking my Adam's apple...


OK, enough nonsense. Ciao!

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