Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nexus II (Sneak Peek)


'I'll shoot him in the head,' Dave threatened as he pointed the gun at Riev's right temple.

'You've tried that before and you've failed. Why don't you pick up something else to do?' the Traveller opened his arms as if welcoming Dave for a challenge.

'I've learnt my mistake, in case you wonder,' Dave said. 'Stop wasting my time.'

'You are not programmed to kill me, Dave. We've never been enemies for years,' the Traveller said gently.

'And we've never been friends either,' Dave powered up his gun and it glowed in intense blue. 'I am programmed to eradicate you now, Traveller.'

'Then do it,' the Traveller said, his tone unchanged.

'Not till you give what I - we - wanted,' he said.

'I have nothing with me. I didn't take anything you have. I don't steal, I don't hide,' the Traveller said.

'Jane Soutaine is not supposed to die,' Dave said.

'What?' Riev spoke out after his long silence.

Dave's gun pressed hard against Riev's temple, reminding him now who's in-charge.

'Jane Soutaine did not die. She is wanted by the Lords,' the Traveller explained.

'Stop making it sound so religious!' Dave yelled.

'If she's not supposed to die, why did you pursue her?' the Traveller grinned.

Dave pointed the gun at the Traveller. 'Bring her back.'

'It's no use. The Lords have her already.'

'You are the Traveller. You travel between dimensions. You've seen the Lords. Go and ask of her.'

'I'm afraid she is not what she was. Put that gun down, It won't hurt me. I am a dimension-mix,' the Traveller said.

Dave removed a small casing near the handle of the gun and showed the intestinal lining of the gun. There was a cylindrical motor that glowed purple. 'Interdimensional engine. The bullet will adjust accordingly to the dimensions.'

'But you won't survive at higher dimension,' the Traveller said.

'The gun will be preset to fire its last target,' Dave said.

'You won't shoot me, Dave. You shoot me and you can't get anything you wanted,' the Traveller said.

Everything happened too fast. One moment the argument seemed to be carrying on, and another moment later a blinding flash washed over the room. When everything resumed to normal, the Traveller was on the ground and Dave's gun was sizzling with blue ember before reducing to red ember and turned black.

'See, Traveller? This is where you are wrong. I did learn from my mistake,' Dave said.

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