Monday, September 3, 2012


OK. Chip's back. The last time he (I pretty sure it's a 'he') appeared was around a few years back on my very very old disposed blog. So, say HI again to that chip (or French Fries)!

This time, Chip is going to talk about BROMANCE.

What is bromance?
It is actually a affectionate relationship between two guys, thus coining the term from 'brothers' and 'romance'.

But bromance does not necessarily includes sexual love. It is only a term describing the intense relationship between guys that is beyond besties but never lovies.

What does a 'bromantic' people do?
They are just like you and me. They have fun together, such as camping and hiking, maybe shopping. It's just most oftenly they are seen together having time. They are very close to real brothers, and sometimes even more. They can just sit down and chat whatever topic they want. They can care for each other whenever either one is in need of care and comfort. They share food and toys. They can share their clothes too!

Virtually everything they possess can be shared among themselves, which except their love partners such as girlfriends and wives (or boyfriends and husbands if they happen to be homosexuals). But note that even being homosexuals does not mean whatever 'bromantic' relationships they get into must be a homosexual relationship.

They are just as simple as you care for me, I care for you. To what depth and breadth of the care, it's up to the comfort zone of the two brothers.

Why some people reject bromance?
Maybe because they perceive it is morally 'wrong' to have such close male friends with them. It feels itchy to have some male who cares about you all the time. Some even think that bromance maybe homosexual in nature, or maybe a precursor to homosexuality.

Guys should get girls, not guys, so the saying goes. OK, there's no such saying. Just made that up. But it is true that some guys prefers a reciprocal care with a girl, but never a guy. It feels awkward to have a guy who asks you frequently 'Have you eaten?' or 'I bought you some food' or even 'I've got a present surprise for you!'

But come back and think about it, do all those means both of you are in love? I mean a romantic sexual love?

You care about the hungry people in Africa. You want to give them food. Well, that's care. And if your brothers (not real brothers, if you haven't noticed from the beginning of the article) care about you by getting you food when you're hungry, is that gay? Is that WRONG?

If yes, then don't give food to anyone who needs it, it's homosexual.

If no, then what's exactly your reason to reject bromance?

Chip has something to say: whatever mentioned in this post is just my mere opinion and does not reflect full-creditability for academic purposes or references. And it doesn't mean 100% correct and precise. So, don't sue me!

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