Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Year 3 Begins! (Has begun)

So sorry about the error of title. Well, I set this blog up a long time ago but it was empty because the semester isn't over yet. Sadly, it is right now. As usual, each semester brings its own climax and colours. This semester, Piano Competition 2012. Awesome.
Well before that, internship and Final Year Project stuffs have been bugging me since the first week of my semester. Man, we searched high and low for our supervisors and we've got ourselves Ms Nurul Nabila. And yeah, our FYP is undergoing it's birthing process. If you ask me if there's any conflicts, well, of course there are. But what's the point pointing out conflicts and babble babble and babble? For me, find the root cause and get done with it. I see many people love to complain about their conflicts around.
Hey, you opt for world peace when there's war. How you contribute to world peace if you can't even have peace with your mind and people? =)
For my internship, I'm very very glad that I got myself into Citi Transaction Service under a very interesting department! Hell yeah, I remembered last time I was feeling forced to learn finance stuff when I am all about blackholes, wormholes and theoretical physics as well as mysterious marine bio. This time, I am going to make myself a real deal in the financial sector. My ambition is... very ambitious. Trust me, you don't want to know (unless I have told you)
I am going to start making connections wherever I'm possible when I am in KL soon. I want to make friends friends and FRIENDS. No more autistic behavior in me!
Haha, my parents used to encourage me to work in major cities but less complicated, like Penang, unfortunately, I land myself at the busy city of KL. Ha, I remembered my dad and mum asked me to choose in Ipoh.
Why Ipoh? I wanna LEARN. =). Strike for the big apple even if you know it might get worms! At least you know how big apple tastes like. OK, notice the word 'big apple' is in small letters, so I'm not referring to any country, right?
Deutsch.... Germany... *drools*
OK, back.
After these hectic stuffs, I am helping in Piano Competition (which is part of Music Fest 2012, comprising of Karaokay Competition, Piano Competition, Chinese Orchestra and Music Sharing). And my, I am proud of myself for scoring (for the first time) so well in academics even though I'm busy (except for one subject =(...)
Yeah, the committee has lots of conflicts as well, but hey, conflicts add colours, don't you think? Unless you are a quick-temper, hating, spiteful human, then you would view conflict as either only red in colour or taste it as sweet sugar because you love inciting a war.
No offence.
Throughout the course of getting the Piano Competition stuffs done, I am very glad I've met with so many pianists hidden in the campus! Including one super cute girl Eeleen. Well, before that, I didn't expect so many would turn up for audition. Yes, did I mention I am a judge? =P
And to attract people, me and Daniel made a cardboard piano. It looks... interesting and it does help in publicity and promotion. But I am very very sad at one thing:
FBF students are SOOOOOOO passive and lazy in campus stuffs. My goodness. Asking them to come for audition in Block C is like asking them to kill an elephant with a shaver. 3 years into this faculty and I didn't see any changes much. And FBF students just love to complain everything (besides being materialistic)
My gawd, I actually saw so many of them counting the 'service hours' left to claim their SSDC marks for being helpers. =.=... I mean, if you volunteer yourself as helper, can you just do your job properly? And some are even worse. You tell them the ticket price is RM10, they complain it's expensive; you tell them it's RM2, they say it's too cheap, and maybe the event is lousy; you tell them it's FREE, they say free stuffs are never good.
Sigh, I hope the future batch of FBF Students won't be like this.
OK, back.
This is the piano we made! (And thanks to Sock Thing who mentioned it's too small =.=) It took us 3 days to do it. Don't ask me the total cost of making this thing. Now I don't even know where is our piano. =(
During the finals, there's so many VIPs (OK, I hear you screaming the word VIP, if you know I am talking about you). And I got to know some of them. It's a fine night and I love the finalists.
These, behold, are the judges of the night! 28th July 2012! Look at how strict we are. From left  to right: Mr Soong Hoong Cheng, Mr JE Cheng, Ms Ang and of course, Mr Leong Min Zhi (Me).
And, and... my younger brother came to perform his superb medley (Cheng, 2012). HAHA. Happy to meet them all as my friends! Wow, I suddenly feel like I am entering into a pure adulthood relationship.
Look here, it's us! The judges (words in blue), committees (words in green) and finalists (words in purple)! From left to right: Leong Min Zhi, Soong Hoong Cheng, Hanson Loh, Ren Kai, Joseph Foo, Eeleen Ang, JE Cheng, Tang Jexen (emcee), WeiWei, Hui Shang, Ming Wei, Roy Ong, Mas, Boon Kiat, Eumene, Daniel, Adeline, Rosemary and Leon Gautier
This is the dinner we all cooked because Hui Shang didn't eat it before. We cooked it at Rosemary's house and guess what, the costs for one person to pay for this dinner (this + two big bottles of soft drinks) is only RM2.50! And it is superfilling. (Photos by Hui Shang)
During Music Night, I am glad I am able to meet my bro. Haha. He is one of my most important people I've ever met in my campus life. He's changed somehow. I can't point what or where, but he's changed. =). According to Hui Shang, we look very much alike (even Wendy also says so) So this is the photo of us of the night, except our hair, do we really look alike? Hmm...

 Haha, JuanWyn (Bro) and I know each other around two years ago, during my Year 1 Sem 1 days. I never thought time would fly that fast. Hope he's fine at Setapak. All the best to him. He has my wishes and blessings.

 And this, my other most important people in my life, is needless to say. I should thank him for everything this semester, including how we sort out our conflicts. I don't know what's our future after this, but I hope it goes well. =)

 Till then, that's all for my semester...

Oh, oh.. I hope I can post up a daily log of my intern days... Keep you guys updated!

Lots of Love and Cheers

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