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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Don't Talk To Me

Don't talk to me if you are taking beers or drug.

Damn, I prefer to be with my Malay friends. I don't know why I heard from my friends that when you reached 18 or 19 or 20 you HAVE to take beer. Stupid. It really sound stupid. Damn stupid. Since when this is a tradition?

I tasted beer before. That's because I was damn sad at that point. And it happened recently. I realised, beer is a foul thing, like a devil on Earth. What's the point? And one common thing I found (on my case) is those who take beer, their attitude seriously pissed me off.

Funny is one thing, but I don't like the rudeness, extreme craziness and face when they got drunk.

Immoral. Illicit. You are downgrading your status, friends. (I don't think 'friends' is the right term for it, maybe I should say 'pal' better)

I like Amirul better than anyone else I realise. LOL. He is a very very good brother to me. In just three days of meeting up, he's been checking everything on me is safe, secure, and happy. Good for him and me, we are meant to be good.

When I got my 'you-know-what', he is the one pushing much harder on me. He never fails me since last year semester 1. He is nice. I will forever be in less worry because he never drinks, smokes, let alone drugs. He is nice, polite, knows his own maruah and best, he is there when you need him

The ride on his scooter, in his car. I never get a feeling of being a pitied friend. I feel myself. I feel being really cared and not being pitied.

I am not an ill cat anymore.

Oh, June 2012 please come quick!!!

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