Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Bro & I

Sheesh, the title sounds so much like 'The King & I", that movie. What? Never heard of it? Never mind. Get along.

Throughout this semester break, hmm, I truly experience what Buddha had said 'Happiness is brief, and eternal happiness is difficult to seek'.

I am so glad that my bro (OK, my bro's name is Amirul) took me out for fun. There is this happiness which is very brief, like a nova. Short and bright. But I appreciate every second he is with me. My parents like him (even though my father was very sceptical of me going out with a Malay due to his 'traumatic' past).

I have never seen my parents are glad to see him.

It is sad that he is going to Egypt this Saturday. I feel like... hmm, sad (duh!). We had fun in joking around and watching movies.

Tell you one great thing about him. He is friendly, polite and definitely a joker. When I was sitting next to him watching movie, I feel a sense of calm and safe aura emanating from him, as if I am protected from all sorts of danger, from a contagious virus infection (the movie "Contagion"), to nuclear warfare and even to the total shutdown of the Universe.

Sometimes, I feel like, I want to stay close to him just to feel safe. Yeah, I am that timid like a mouse. I guess most of you have found that by yourselves. He is the only person in the world (up to this stage, ok) that I can feel someone in my reflection. It is as if, what I said, he could understand perfectly and vice versa.

Argh, it's hard to explain it here.

Watermelon and foxes. I hope if he is reading this, will giggle again. Haha.

The point is, I am not going to see him again in another year. =(. It's very awful that I only see him during PLKN (for which I didn't even talk to him, not even know him yet) and then a year ago by a chance or fate, which he came to Kampar to visit me before going back to Egypt.

He has been here for two months and now he is going back.

Gosh, it feels like he is tha Captain of the Flying Dutchman, that only resurfaces every 10 years. Except, which, of course, he appears every year once. I guess SiewCheng was right about relationships: the more you see the person, the more emotional tied up you have with the person and the more chance you are going to ruin it.

Maybe distance between me and Amirul is the one keeping us close.

Paradoxical enough, huh?

Anyway, this semester break is really peaceful for me. Nothing to worry about. Nothing to care about. I can do whatever I wish: playing piano, writing novels & short stories, doing experiments, plucking herbs and fruits from my garden, hanging out with my bro...

I am just glad my handphone is really quiet, with only an occasional message.

Alright, my experiment is calling me to check on the updates already.


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