Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Wow, I love this semester. I am sorry for bragging my semester timetable last semester, and now, I pretty much like it, except the fact that the lecturer and tutor from Financial Market and Regulation sucks.

Busy is how I mean it to be.

I sleep early, wake up early, have breakfast with a cup of coffee and go to school with a nice new backpack. Then when there is class, I attend; when there ain't class, I go to library. In short, I go home after 8pm everyday and go to school at 7.30am.

Uber kool!

There is no time to think other matters. All in my mind is just notes and words. Gosh, I even studied FMR 3 times today, before coming back! I am not trying to boast anything, but hey, I CAN ACTUALLY FOCUS! (well with some slight distraction)

Funny WeiVian (nah, I post your name here, don't ever say I never post it =P), I was eating with her and I helped her take the chopsticks, spoons and chilli sauce, she asked me, 'Do you ever feel like you are a gentleman when you do this for a girl?'

I am not going to say much on this. HAHA.

Today is great too! I met Dinesh and Ah Seng. Ah Seng still remains that friendly. Oh, Ah Seng, I miss your touch on me! LOL. I thank you for that 10 minutes. Without it, I am seriously nothing. You are the best!

I also saw Andy.

Gosh, I saw so many people today. YitMun? I saw her two times a day and saw her again a day before. And gladly (sadly?) it rains. I like rain. It gives me the serenity and thought.

AHh.... gotta get some sleep tonight. TOMORROW is yet another fighting day.

Thanks to JuanWyn, I am feeling much better!

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