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Friday, September 9, 2011


Mouth and lips bleeding for 2 days, dry throat for 2 days, swollen eye since yesterday

It's been a tough week. My mouth is so painful and my throat forever dry, no matter how much water I take in. Yeah, yeah, I have heard enough of 'Take care ah'. Thanks, anyway. Especially to Andy, who takes me round New Town to search for "special sweets" and told me when to eat them.

Yeah, it works. I have 6 more sweets to go, hope it will heal before next week.

Sigh, I am like a baby again. Little bit little bit problem have to ask help from everyone till they help me, and then I thank them from head to toe. But fortunately, yesterday wasn't the case. I didn't say anything much about my throat, but I still got help.

^^... Should I say I am touched? No, I think it is pure gladness and gratitude. I never feel like this before. It seems like I have been a crybaby for too long. =( Hmm...

Speaking of gratitude, I have (secretly) kept a book of a namelist. Those are the people who helped me everytime, and I am taking note so that I can repay them BEFORE I GRADUATE. I don't want to have any more ties to people after I graduate. No matter how thick or thin the ties are. Because, after I graduate, it is HARD to say that everyone I know here will continue to contact me.

I don't have Internet access at home, or rather, will never have.
I don't have transportation to travel wherever you stay.
So, it's pretty much a dead person for an electronic-compliant human being of the 21st century.

You all write letters to me (pfft, I don't think you will write), I can't reply, because I have to get a transport to take me to the post office to send the letters.

So, what can I say? Hmm, simple, a decent 'Bye-bye' will do. LOL.

I am only Y2S1 and I am speaking as though I am leaving already (which I...)....

Never mind, one day passed is another day coming... Who cares?

Maybe I have made a wrong decision this semester. I had a dream before and someone told me "He's been near but you never know and you get the wrong person..."

So, is it too late to change my view? LOL...

Till again for my daily grunting. Ciao.

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