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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hairy Hair

This piccha explains everything...

Well, almost.

Since I was a little boy, I thought I am a clean-shaven type. You know, typically Chinese. Smooth and fair. Babysmooth (OK, I am exaggerating here). After puberty, then I expected to grow more hair, like at the armpits, legs, arms, and you-know-where.

It's normal. It's a meaning of I am (was?) entering a secondary sexual phase growth. We are supposed to grow leg hairs to show our masculinity, because we can't show our *ahem* as our masculinity to others.

Nowadays, I heard many boys are trying to be super clean-shaven. They feel like leg hairs and arm hairs are disgusting. Yucky. Looks dirty. They want to have smooth legs like girls. I was like, huh, you don't want to be man?

Yeah, bruder was (is?) right. Now girls want pretty boys, not handsome and manly boys. And I started wondering, if boys keep on spending time on beauty (unless you are facially challenged, no offence =P), how are they supposed to show their strength and power to take care a family from threats in the future?

Alpha dominion male gene type is diminishing in the 21st century. We will have cool, pretty boys and lovely, pretty, demanding, insisting girls (OK, I am being a sexist, sorry). Where is the power of men to stand and show their voice to protect the girls?

NONE...................................... I think.

OK, some said, no body hair doesn't mean they are not manly. But at least, please, I beg you 100 times, don't be SO AFRAID of the sun. I don't know whether you watched Twilight too much, or Angel too much. Men are NOT supposed to be too fair like a lady (unless you are genetically challenged, no offence =P).


I have seen boys riding on electro-bikes, with cap, long sleeves, long pants just to go to somewhere in 15 minutes. Hello? Is the sun so lethal?

OK, I don't want to make so many enemies. You have long body hair, be proud of it, it means your male hormones are kicking up a lot. If you don't, just be yourself. Don't go buy those beauty products for whoever or whatever's sake!

So where was (am?) I?

Oh yeah, puberty and secondary sexual phase growth. Or growth phase. Or growth. Whatever.

I realise, I am getting hairier nad hairier. Does that mean I have a tertiary sexual phase growth? Or 2.5 sexual phase growth? Or my secondary phase growth isn't finished yet? I am seeing hairs on my chest and tummy now. Not that LONG if you wonder. =.=

It's just around, you know, the "regular" 0.5cm to 1cm long. And it's NOT that thick in growth like a tuft of grass. Zzzz. You can only see it when you are very close at looking, around, erm, 10cm from me? Who gets that close to me after all? So don't freak out. That's all. Nothing to be afraid of. It's just a merely visible hair, which I am uncertain will it grow longer.

Maybe my body gets too cold often that my gene tweak to evolve me.

But seriously, is being a bear nice?

Or being a vampire?

[PS:  For those who 'EWWWWWW!!!!' at this post, well, grow up. It's my blog I can do whatever I want]


  1. Am I one of those unique ones then because I like manly men? LOL. I dunno, bears are cuddly. And Isn't vampires (since we're talking twilight here) supposed to be all cold and hard? (And I know where your brain might be going at this point.. I'm talking the cuddly sense!) It's like hugging a piece of marble. Plus I don't like things that sparkle in the sun. Except maybe diamonds.

  2. LOL.... maybe u ARE the unique ones.... haha... yeah, it's like hugging a piece of marble.... thats a very nice simile u used there. LOL!!!!