Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Wonder

Cycle 1:
Cheeky, boyish, naughty.

Cycle 2:
Strong, great brotherhood sense

Cycle 3:
Caring, funny

Cycle 4:
A counsellor

Cycle 5:
Dances and skateboards

Cycle 6:
Quick learner

I think I have come to a realisation that why there isn't a 7th Cycle coming up long. And I also think I know why I have all these Cycles, because the latest person I met, is the combination of all 6 Cycles. I think God wants me to know how to handle and communicate with all the 6 Cycles before I meet the real wish I have made.

All 6 Cycles fail, but some managed to revive. Somehow, I think the God's tests are over for this.

TTM and ketam too much.

Ciao, night!

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