Friday, September 30, 2011


OK, it's my precious time to online during this semester break. I feel like I am a US Army doing private personal time through the Internet in the midst of battleground. Precious and dangerous.

OK, let's start from the beginning. Hanging.

I am feeling very happy these few days, since last thursday. It's been a week.

I remembered I was taking a nap, then somebody called me. Mind you there, I am VERY afraid of taking calls, except from my family. I don't know why. Groggily, I saw the name 'Lee Juan Wyn'. Haha. Energetic and pulled myself off from bed and answered.


'Come down, I am at your house now already,' he spoke.

Haha. I don't know what to say. It's been a long semester since I ever saw him. Still there grinning as ever. Too bad my room was stuff with 3 of my friends' stuffs, or I can invite him in rather than talk downstairs at the dinning area.

Ish... paiseh...

Then I asked WeiWei for dinner with Wendy, but somehow, JuanWyn joined us. LOL. And then at night, I promised to 'belanja' him McD, so I did, but that 'EmoMeal' WeiWei took, I also had to pay for it. =.=

I felt very different. I don't know why. I was just happy enough to see my friends back after facing the exam alone. Haha. Silly me.

We played and joked so much at A Station, playing L4D2. I know you guys out there are pro already. It's my 2nd time playing. Stupid. I shot WeiWei to death with my shotgun. Haha. I still can't stop laughing when I wrote this blog. I imagined what happened. She crossed in front of me and I fired. I was firing the zombies. She just got into my way. Immediately, WeiWei's status was 'Dead'. She stared at me with those accusing eyes.


Pity JuanWyn, I had to ask him to wipe the fan for me. *touched* HAHAHA... Anyway I thank you for coming to spend time with us. It's fun to be with you (and of course with WeiWei and Wendy). I can see that you are a nerd back at Setapak. Compare to last time, you are like still stagnant with your skills. Haha.

I missed the way you joked on me. ^^ By the way, hope I can see you next semester if possible.

Then, I went back to Ipoh. Started with my tiresome journey of abusing the piano keys and computer keyboard. Novels and songs. It's been my favourite past time. I even, ahem, did a research on effect of human brain on electronic device's randomness.

Don't ask.

Then, my bro, came back from Egypt since a long time, invited me to go out, just yesterday. Haha. I can't believe he is much more handsome than the last time I met him. Hahahahah. So, yeah, in case you racist people reading, he is a Malay. I have seen more odd eyes looking at us while we are hanging out in Jusco.

What, they think we are gay? Or because of different races cannot hang out together? Or because of confusion of skin tones vs race (I have dark skin he has fair skin, but he looks Malay, I am Chinese)? Oh, whatever, we had a great time together. Haha... we watched 'Dream House'.

You want comment on the movie? Alright, I am not a movie reviewer but I thought it was a horror movie. =.=

OK, I am afraid of ghosts and blood. I don't watch Saw or Final Destination, or Paranormal Activities.

I was so afraid it's a horror movie. The Chinese name for this movie was so different than the other language. I remembered my bro said 'Tengok, nama pun cantik: Rumah Impian'.

'Apa you tahu tentang tulisan Cina? Ia refer 'Rumah Berhantu',' I shot back.

I was so scared I am going to shut my eyes throughout the film.

Haha, thanks for the sentence bro: "I am always on your left." Haha... Haha... you keep making me cheerful throughout the film... Sorry la, mempersiasui you. But I like your joke "We take couple seat, mau?"

OK, if you wonder whether we took couple seat, well...

Brothers and brothers. Different. Happy.

All the best and safe journey to Perlis, Amirul!
All the best to your studies and everything, JuanWyn!

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