Saturday, September 10, 2011

Outrageous Oregano

Today, I got up and have myself a lofty breakfast (not sure whether "lofty" is a suitable word. It sounds suitable though. LOLx) of bread, jam, cheese, margerine, Campbell soup with crouton and coffee.

Oregano is always my favourite ingredient in my dishes. Those who have tried my cooking, oregano never fails me. It is 'herb-y' and refreshing. A very good antioxidant too.

And people ask me, how to cook them?

Today, I am teaching you NOT to cook them..... first.

Apply margerine on a bread, then sprinkle the oregano on top of it, approximately half to 1 full teaspoon. You can toast it on a sandwich maker if you want, or you just lay it face down on a hot frying pan to crisp it.

There you go, you have something as nice as a garlic bread with a tinge of pizza taste.

Yeah, you can add a slice of cheese above and sprinkle another layer of oregano. If you toast it, the cheese will melt and the oregano will squiggle into the melting cheese, liberating a fresh herby smell. Add some sausages if you want to!

Warning, though, do NOT add oregano on fruit jams or peanut butter. It just... doesn't match. It is... wrong. Tastes wrong, smells wrong and... just WRONG...

And you can also add oregano into your Campbell soup. Try it!

Ciao! Gotta enjoy my breakfast!

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