Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cave and Me

The cave was dark and I could hear water drippling very slowly. Bushes were growing all around the cave. I knew I need to go in before the light comes in. The cave was very tempting. I felt the urge to explore it. I knew it would be dark inside, and moist. But the temptation was too strong for me to reject.

There was a whimping noise, like a puppy calling for help. It echoed from within and around the cave. The bushes swayed. Snakes and vermins began to slither down within the bushes but never quite enter the cave. The cave emitted a louder noise, like a beast in disturb. The snakes turned awaye but still kept close on the cave.

"Come in to me..." a voice of a temptress. It was seducing me. I took a step forward but I was still afraid. I felt I was boneless. I felt so weak and soft.

Suddenly twigs and twines wrapped around me. I shrugged it free but it was to no avail. They wrapped me around and brushed against me harshly. I rubbed it off but they brushed harder and quicker, as if they were voracious creatures (maybe they were) and wanted to devour me. My skin tingled against my flesh. Blood started to well up in me. I was feverish, but not sickly feverish. There was a fire ignited in me. I stood firm and wrought free of the voracious twines with strong force but still managed to keep my cool.

I was sweating. But not sweating too much.

I stood up bold, straight and ever firm, like a marching knight striding into a battlefield, except, of course, it's the cave.

I had no choice. My king had left me out. His Majesty ordered me to explore this cave and come back, or else he will send the twines after me, again but to torture me, to make me stronger and firmer.

Veins erupted from my skin.

I had to do this, I told myself.

With a confident posture, I entered the cave head first.

A deep groan shaken my thoughts and the cave was thought to be crumbling. I couldn't see a thing and the floor was slippery. I touched the walls, they were wet with water washing all over. I was afraid, I stepped out, and then I knew I was an idiot. A fool. A coward. So I went in again. Every time I explored a new region, or a loud roar frightened me, I would step out of the cave.

And thus, I went in and out, in and out, countlessly.

Then a waterfall appeared. Not huge enough, but enough to make me amaze. I didn't realise I sweated that much.

I knew what was in the cave then.

With a wet head, I went out of the cave, leaving the roar dying away.

I smiled to myself

"I did it"

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