Monday, March 5, 2012

My Supportive Friend

I have a very supportive friend. Every problem I faced, he just quietly listens to me. And then, like a big brother (well, he is younger than me), he will send a virtual pat-on-the-shoulder, and then speaks very gently on what I should do, and how I should do it. Then in the end, everyone ends with a smile.

As far as I know, he is the only person I never see him got angry and yell at people, nor keep laughing like an idiot. He is, well, content. Very content. Like a cucumber. Or cuttlefish. (Get the punchline? It's from Pirates of the Carribean, spoken by Jack Sparrow)

Well, he shares most of my personality secrets. And one thing I like him most is, he is very open-minded. He is willing to make friends to everyone. He is willing to take everything in.

I am so proud to have you.

~Friends Forever~
~Abang dan Adik~

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