Monday, March 19, 2012

MPH - Midvalley Megamall

I can't say I was happy. I was in fact in joy and excited. Truly. And which, of course, included a sense of paranoid throughout the journey. Sorry, bruder. I am a little agoraphobic. LOL!

The train departed at 720 am and I was so excited that the night before I hadn't quite have a nice sleep. It was my first time boarding a train. (Yeah, call me a nerd!).

All the while my mind was racing with thoughts that we might miss the train, KTM, and whatever else. Sorry bruder! I can't help it!

Well, fortunately we ate breakfast in the train, or we would be hungry wolves while scouring in the MPH of Midvalley Megamall. I was a bit disappointed (I think much disappointed) that the MPH was relocated elsewhere.

I missed the benches where people can sit and a big fountain in the middle. The sound of the dribbling water noise and the benches stood within a large sunken square surrounded by thousands of books was an ultimate location for reading.

It is gone. GONE. G.O.N.E....

The new MPH is spacious, granted. But, to my utmost horror, there are no benches around! I mean, how could you! Midvalley Megamall (abbrv as MVM, lazy type so long) has already done a cruel job by placing so few benches, and how could you, MPH, do such a thing like this as well? I think Ipoh Jusco has more benches than MVM. It's so rare to find benches in there till you thought benches are extinct in KL (overassumption).

The books are, well, a bit limited. I mean, you can have best sellers and new arrivals, but I can't believe they are dominated by vampires, werewolves and demon books. Is this world getting grim? My bruder even saw books with title 'Torn', 'Shattered' and don't know what else.

Wow. Really. Wow.

Well, if Rachel of Rivendell sees this post by Neruvatar of Neraveh, I hope you won't get freak out because I bought a total of 8 books! I didn't know each RM100 voucher spent on MPH will get a RM5 voucher from MPH as well!

These are the books I bought (Googled photos. I don't have cameras, so bear with me):

Well, the first I would look for is this... Lord of the Rings trilogy. Urm, it is not this edition. My bruder gifted me one much cooler and nicer design. It is the first book Fellowship of the Ring and then I realised I have to complete it. So this is the first book I sought after.

Papa Mama, see? After years of waiting, I have finally got my very own LOTR! (next target: The Hobbit, haha)

I've seen her books piling around in the bookstore, so I figure I have to get myself one. Well, never try never know right? It was this same instinct that brought me to buy Alastair Reynolds first space opera: Pushing Ice. So, I guess, I may be right for choosing this book. I've heard many of her books got into a movie or drama. I hope it is good. I saw my bruder keep reading it. Maybe he is splitting himself a time you know: one for The Hobbit, another for Century Rain (By Alastair Reynolds) and lastly Jodi Picoult's. I forgot the title of the book he has chosen. I am sure he will find it very satisfying and gratifying.

It's this cover but not exactly this type of cover. I got myself a paper-back. I am not sure whether Malaysia is selling any hardcovers anyway. And yes, his books are like blue moon. It's so hard to find them. I am currently looking for Chasm City, Blue Remember Earth, Deep Navigation and Zima Blue. But this book serves just fine. Action has already been kicking off from pg 12. Yup, I am reading it now.

Now, these are the books I want to highlight about. It's going to be a movie on 24th March!!! I saw this book last two months and I wanted to buy it. It was costly. Around RM35 per book and guess what!? I got these all for only RM69.90!!! Wooo!

I am not going to reveal the synopsis because the movie is coming in!

I love it!


We went to Ninja Joe for lunch. It's a pork shop. Pork burgers and pork rice. Gosh! And there is one tagline that made me and my bruder grinned widely ear to ear:

" If you can't handle the pork, you're a chicken"

What can we say? This shop serves the best burger I've ever tasted. It's lean and not oily! My bruder got himself a pork burger + bacons + cheese and I got myself a roasted pork belly rice and 5 squid balls. Or octopus balls. I don't know what they are called anyway. And the french fries, gosh, are HUGE and THICK (=.= it sounds wrong...)

Then we continued exploring MVM, leaving my friend to meet her friend (oops, I didn't mention much about her. She was our tour guide anyway). We went to puzzle shop, toy shop, figurine shop, fengshui shop, pet shop, music store (we even played the piano there! Hi5, brother!) and so many others.

Fun fun fun!

Then for dinner, we ate unagi set and pineapple fried rice. Well, did you notice the meals each me and my bruder took was utterly different? Well it's our choice. Because, you know, (if Leichian is reading this, she would feel disgusted and think we are gays) we share food. We bite the burger half and let another eat.

Yummm... (Oh, I mean the food, not the... ahem)

Got back from MVM to Kampar at around 11.15pm. Hugged him tight before going home.

Love the trip! Especially with my bruder containing my paranoid fears!



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