Saturday, March 10, 2012


Luna creeps over the mountains
casting its menacing, luminous shadow on me
I shudder when the pale white light washes my eyes
Like a candle
shining brightly in an empty hall
Revealing everything
even the darkest secrets.

I hide myself behind a wilted tree
fearing Luna might catch me
She touches me with her soft light
caresses me with her wispy clouds
I shudder...
An excitement
An orgasm
An unexplainable avoidance.

Gently, I push everything away
but Luna creeps over me
The excitement
The orgasm
The unexplainable avoidance
have erupted.

The force so strong
I snap my eyes shut
I scream

Luna creeps over me
whispers softly
"Be my lover..."
And Luna drops a star into my pocket.

I reject
I return
I run

And when I turn back,
Luna is gone.

*Wish you are alright*

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