Friday, March 2, 2012


Einheti mer narethis mineardh, reih istoreth marae duhm.
[Falling water filth be rinsed, falling brother he be raised]

Nobody realised that I am so willing to sacrifice myself just to help people (limits). Even though I am ill, I will still fulfill someone's request of meeting or playing (except playing is a rare game ever)

I always want to be part of this, part of that. What difference am I to PTY?

In the end, when people reject my offer, I go sour and find myself asking, "Why? Just take it lah!"

It's stupid to tell people that I have no dinner dates. Gosh, I even have people laughing at me. Well, since I can survive, I will continue. Last time I had hope held high that my brother will have dinner with me. Funny though. Now, nah. I won't be asking him anymore, due to his schedule, friends and stuffs. So I left with who? Weiwei, wendy and domdom. Those three also jampacked with dates. Or maybe late dinners.

Dinesh? Got to get him fast.
Andy? Somehow...

What about the rest? Can't find any.

Isn't it ironic?

Lately, people have been going through activities with friends: snooker, DotA, swimming, badminton-ing, clubbing, shopping etc.


Nothing. Trapped in the room.


What life! It's no difference than previous semesters! Except there is this brother strolling along in campus for lunch, that's all. Gosh! Wasted!

Totally. Wasted. W.A.S.T.E.D.

Besides, I keep trying to share every little things with brother. I fell, I ate, I slept at what time, I coughed, I sneeze, I moved house, I slept with who, I...

Bitching about... damn! Useless maggot!

Well, I am lucky to have JuanWyn around when I was totally in bad mood two days ago. Even he is going to have his exams this week, he insisted on asking me to tell him what happened, even though I told him he should study.

I really thank him for everything he listened and advised.

I am proud to say, he's changed! Mr Q... LOL.....

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