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Aurilea and Darius


Thousands of years ago, when the little world called Arva was born from end and endlessness, two might elements - Water and Earth appeared. The Earth created land while the Water created the great sea. With more years to come, plants began to flourish and animals began to appear.

And when two great races awoken from deep sleep, they were given a task to guard the elements. The Royal family of Men guarded the Earth and the Royals of Elves took up the Water element.

But there was always someone too greedy with something, especially the thirst for the vast power of the two elements. It was said that by combining the two elements with some necessary magic trick, a new world beyond Arva can be created.

Two worlds in a same universe, in other words.

In order to balance the world and respect the existence of Arva, Men and Elves were sworn to never be together. They can neither talk, nor play with each other, for fearing the secrets of the hidden elemental power might leak out and create something so dangerous that no one could imagine.

Lurking behind the woods, a dark wizard whose name was Kazdun, was the one who thirst for the unimaginable elemental power. Secretly learning some forbidden dark spells, he had been ever ready to seize those two elements and create his own world where he could be the Great Emperor...

~Chapter 1~

Aurilea chased a silver-wing butterfly. It was simply amazing that the butterfly left a trail of glitter dust wherever it fluttered its wings. Never did she know that the butterfly was taking her deeper into the woods, where no Elves were supposed to venture in. It was the Dividing Forest, where the forest divided both races eternally.

Simply lost and scared, Aurilea fell down on her knees and cried bitterly. She didn't know what to do. She watched the silver butterfly flew away while scolding herself for being careless. Now she was in the middle of the Dividing Forest, unable to find a way out.

Through teary eyes, she could see the glamorous city of Men. Tall towers and bright lights. It was all too cheerful for her. She hoped that she could be there to see what's in the bright city. But she remembered what she had been told not to do: Keep away from Men, they will devour our Light and putforth Darkness.

"Is this your butterfly?" a hand was led out in front of her face.

She looked up and saw a little boy holding the silver butterfly. She smiled and nodded.

"You want to see some more of them?" he asked.

She nodded again.

And off they went, playing and hunting butterflies altogether. But not long after, a group of Men stormed into the forest and grabbed the boy away. The group of Men even cursed Aurilea and shooed her away from the forest.

"Get off this forest, girl! This is not a place for you to stay!" one of the Men yelled. He turned to the boy and said, "Your father will be greatly disappointed with you, especially you leave your home on your birthday." The Men tugged the boy and took him out from the Dividing Forest.

In tears again, she watched the boy left.

Late at night, Aurilea didn't sleep. She secretly went to the Dividing Forest and peered at the Men City. It was all too wonderful for her to see fireworks and lights and flames all over, while people are singing and dancing. She thought back of her kingdom, the Elven Kingdom. Besides the festival, the kingdom was always quiet and peaceful. In fact, it was too quiet and peaceful for her.

"Dear child, why are you here?" a voice spoke.

She nearly jumped at the mysterious voice. She looked around and saw a greyish green smoke swirled by and formed out an old man.

He, too, stared at the Men City and sighed. "Isn't it pity that you admire something so much that you still cannot get your hands on it? The pain, the sorrow. It is unbearable... I know how you feel, my child. You think you can hold on to something you like. You think you can be something you want to be, but there is always something hold you back... and this, my child, is also unbearable. I can make a change if you want..." he said as he slowly turned his head to look at her.

"Really?" she sputtered the word. She was too afraid to speak at such creepy stranger.

"But there is a very small price to pay, but I don't think you will like it..." he paused a moment. "I will change you to become human again, to find all the fun and glamour you seek, the boy you wanted to meet, but you have to do something for me. You have to bring me to the prince of Men City."

It was an easy task. It was like helping someone to cross a busy road. There was no reason for her to reject the offer. So, of course, she nodded happily.

Suddenly, the old man grabbed her by her wrist. "But I will take half of your soul as a guarantee. I want you to find me and bring me the prince within 15 years. I know the prince is hard to find, but 15 years should be enough. Less than that, you will be forever a human; More than that, you will be only ashes of the wind." The old man smiled shortly, "Don't worry. Take this blue stone after I have changed you into a human. The stone will shine brightly if you ever meet a prince."

She swallowed hard, but still nodded slowly.

~Chapter 2~

"Find me my son!" the king yelled loudly at all of his castle guards and knights. "Find him before the sun sets, or I will have every one of your head for the dogs to eat!"

"Yes, my lord," they bowed deeply and dashed out of the castle.

The knights searched throughout the entire kingdom but the king's son, the only prince of the kingdom, could not be found. Until then, they had a bad feeling that the prince had run into the Dividing Forest.

"You have long ears..." he touched the girl's ear. The girl twitched away. "You look just like the butterfly..."

The girl's cheek reddened. She was shy. "My aunt always calls me 'Little Butterfly'..."

"Your aunt? What about your parents?" he asked.

"I don't have one..." she replied quietly.

"Ohh...." he replied. He secretly picked up a heap of dry leaves and poured them all over the girl. He ran away gleefully.

The girl stood up and gave him a chase.

But then, the boy slammed himself on someone. He looked up and saw it was one of the knights from the castle. The knight saw the girl, especially her unusual long ears. No doubt, the girl was an elf. Furiously, he shouted to the girl and asked her to leave. He stared at the boy and said, "Your father awaits."

Then the knight picked the boy up with his arms and carried him away.

The boy kicked and yelled in protest but the knight was far too strong for him.

"Help me! I don't want to go back! Help!" he cried to the girl. The girl stared at him for a moment, but she eventually turned her head and ran away. "No!" he let out a long shout.

"Wake up, my prince. You are having a bad dream..."

He opened his eyes groggily. He saw Danbo sitting on his chest staring down to his eyes.

"There's something I need to warn you, my prince. Something has shifted the magical power of Arva," Danbo said.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"The Elves are crossing the Dividing Forest. Someone holding the Aqua stone is coming over to our land. You do know what is the consequence if the Aqua stone is allowed to touch the Terra stone?" Danbo asked.

"The Terra stone is still safe with me," he said.

"It's not solely about the Terra stone. Once the Aqua stone is allowed to cross the Dividing Forest, we will experience the surge of water power. There will be an increasing rainfall, flood, rising sea level and soon our City will sink beneath," Danbo said, darkly.

"How do you know that the Aqua stone is here?" he asked.

"My prince, one of the village just got flooded just last night. It's summer, rain is not supposed to occur at this season of time,' Danbo said.

"What should I do about it?" he asked. "I have Terra with me. I cannot just find the Aqua holder. You already said it's disastrous to touch both stones."

"Leave the stone when you hear a girl's moan," Danbo said. "That's always your prophecy in your life. Leave the stone behind and I will guard it. Go find the weeping girl and get her back to Elven Kingdom."

"Are you sure about this prophecy? What if this is nothing to do with the prophecy? It's just Aqua disturbing our land..." he said.

"You still have to take the stone out. Get dress quickly, my prince and find it as soon as possible before the our City sinks below the rising sea."

~Chapter 3~

For 14 years, Aurilea was exiled by her race. 'Betrayer', 'Traitor' and all sorts of ugly words had been called to her by her friends and even her family. Changing into a human was unthinkable and unforgivable. The Elves would condemn those who changed will never be blessed by the Gods of Arva and they would forever live in darkness after death.

Sad and hurt, Aurilea had managed to find herself staying in the Dividing Forest. It was difficult for her in the beginning. But now, she had made herself a tree house to live in and had wonderful fruits from the forest.

But, she still gazed out to both kingdoms, wondering where she would end up one day. And she occasionally left the Dividing Forest and crept into the Men City, hoping to find the prince as she gripped the blue stone hard, wishing it to shine.

For 14 years, she had failed to notice any prince coming along and she began to panic. Her heart raced quicker than before and she felt tired easily. She could feel that her soul was being torn apart bit by bit by the old man.

Cannot, it cannot be... she thought. It's time to go back to Men City and spend a whole day there... I haven't got much time left...

She washed herself, fed the birds and headed towards Men City.

It was a bustling city. Carts were everywhere. People were yelling while selling and buying. Children were squeezing between every spaces available between adults. The bells from distant temple. It was different from the birds chirp and the insects hum from the Dividing Forest.

She felt something fondling in her pockets. She spun around and saw a group of dirty children ran away. She saw one of them holding the blue stone.

"Hey, stop!" she cried. She lifted her dress and ran for it. She grabbed the boy's hand and tried to pry open but the boy's friends were pushing her away. It took her tremendous strength to fight for the stone. "Return it!"

"No, we won't!"

"I said..."

The children laughed cheekily.

"Is there a problem here?" a voice boomed behind her.

The boy loosened his grip and Aurilea quickly snatched the stone away and put it in her pocket, unaware that the stone was glimmering faintly. She spun and saw a man.

"Is there a problem here?" he repeated.

She looked behind her shoulder. The children had fled. She looked back at the man. "No. There is nothing problematic here." The man's face was strikingly familiar.

The man stood and stared at her face awkwardly. Aurilea felt very uneasy. "I am sorry, my lady." He shook his head to clear his mind. "I thought you look like someone I've met before..."

"It's alright..." Aurilea's voice trailed off. But both of them still stared at each other, enough to make people think that they were lovers.

Then, at the same time, both of them spoke: "Butterflies!"

It was no doubt that both of them smiled widely after listening to the word. The man caught her hands carefully and delicately. Aurilea could still feel the warmth of his palms. "So it's you..."

"Yes... it's me..." she said as she looked down, ever so shy to look into his eyes again.

"It's been..." he began.

"A long time..." she completed his sentence softly.

"Yes..." he breathed in. "And I still don't know your name. You look different. I can't tell in what way. But..."

"I am Aurilea. Aurilea is my name..." she smiled shyly.

"I am Darius," the man replied. "Have I seen you before running around in this City? I thought you are an Elf..."

"Yes... no..." she replied uneasily, stammering. "Yes, I have been running around here but no, you haven't seen me here. And I was an Elf. I am all human now."

"How? How did you..." Darius asked.

"I......" she startled.

"It's alright now. It's alright now... I don't mind that question anymore. Come, let's have some tea, shall we?" he suggested.

Aurilea shrugged. "I am fine with it..."

~Chapter 4~

Couldn't sleep because he would think of her, he would jump out of bed and went to find her in the Dividing Forest. He was thrilled to see her. In the night, she would glow faintly like most Elves did, and that was amazingly beautiful for a lady like her.

"Darius, what are you doing here?" she asked in astonishment.

Darius smiled. He held her hand and took her to a grassland. "You always wanted to know where the butterflies have gone to, do you?" he asked.

Aurilea nodded gently.

"Now," his voiced lowered to a whisper. "Run across this grassland..."

She looked at his eyes, shining under the pale blue moon. There was a sense of trust that she wouldn't question him at all. She nodded quickly and ran with her bare feet, stepping on a cool, wet grass.

She had never been to this grassland before. It was far North of the Dividing Forest. And when she ran, something fluttered behind her. She spun around and saw millions of silver butterflies swarming from the grass.

She put a step ahead, and the step behind would release all the hidden butterflies in the grass. She was happy and excited. She danced under the moonlight, with the butterflies swirling around her. She laughed. She actually laughed after so many years.

Darius watched her. His heart was sweetened to see such a lovely lady. He took off his shoes and went to join her. More and more butterflies flew around them and before they knew it, they were dancing together.

For so many days and nights, Darius and Aurilea watched the stars, chased the butterflies, climbing trees as well as plucking exotic flowers to attract strange bugs. The time was just splendid between them.

But for three days, Darius did not appear. She climbed the tree and gazed into the Men City. Even the City was quiet. No noise. No flame. No dance. No fireworks.

And she wondered what had happened.

~Chapter 5~

"Your father is weakened. The power of Aqua is shifting greatly. Two villages had been destroyed by a storm last two days and a nearby fishing village is threatened by rising sea," Danbo said solemnly. "Your father was extremely devoted to Terra. Now, with the presence of Aqua in this region, his soul could not cope it. There was nothing can the Healers do to help..."

Darius' eyes were in tears. He was looking at his father, lying inside a glass coffin laced with crystal flowers and vines. His father looked serene in the coffin, but in truth he had suffered the pain of the overwhelming Aqua power.

"It's time to take up the throne, my prince. It's time to find the one who had Aqua and get rid of the Aqua holder," Danbo said.

"Kill the holder if I can..." Darius murmured.

"You cannot kill the holder. You will cause the entire upheaval roar from the Elven Kingdom." Danbo advised.

"It's their mistake to let someone through. They killed my father, Danbo! They killed the king of Men City! They killed my people through storms and seas!" Darius shouted.

"A revenge of killing is a cycle of killing. It never stops. You kill the Aqua holder, the Elves will destroy us, and in the next generation, our people will kill them back. When will the killing end?" Danbo said.

"When the Elves are exterminated from Arva." Darius replied as he spun away and walked back to his room, with his teary eyes. He didn't notice Danbo was shooking his head with dismay and disappointment.

~Chapter 6~

Three more months, my dear Aurilea... three more months....

Aurilea woke up.

She felt her pockets. The stone was still there.

"Did anyone bought a bouquet of flowers here?" a man's voice echoed.

She stared around and saw nothing.

Then a bouquet of purple and pink flowers peeked out from the window. She went to the window and touched the flowers.

Darius popped up from below. "Hello, Aurilea."

Aurilea smiled. "Hello to you too. Ha. Where have you been?"

"Come with me, it's the season of the butterflies wedding," he said while reaching out his hand to her. She took it in no time and they rode a horse to the same grassland again.

The wedding of the butterflies was amazing. Two clouds of butterflies danced around each other. This time, there were golden butterflies and silver butterflies. The two clouds clashed together and separated, then swirled around each other, flew up and flew down like a dance. It was like staring at flying jewels.

Darius noticed that Aurilea looked a little troubled.

"Is there anything bothering you?" he asked.

His gentle voice had cracked her heart. She broke into tears. "I might not see you again..."

He held her pale cheek. He stared at her. He breathed slowly.

They kissed, for the first time under the same moonlight.

And at that time, the blue stone in Aurilea's pocket began to shine brightly.

Both of them stopped immediately. Aurilea was shocked when she saw the stone shone so bright. In her mind, a voice kept echoing: it can't be... it can't be ... it can't be. She couldn't accept the fact that Darius was actually the prince that the old man had always wanted to meet.

Darius, too, was shocked by the blue light. There was something he couldn't accept. It was the Aqua stone. How could Aurilea get the stone when she was already a human and especially she wasn't even the princess of the Elven Kingdom? Even so, she had indirectly destroyed some parts of his City and killed his father.

Should he be furious? Should he kill her?

His heart tightened. Aurilea was a good lady. There was no reason she had done all this. Maybe she didn't know about the power of the stone either. Thanks to Danbo, he didn't take Terra out with him, or the power of two stones could rip the world apart to create a new world. Nonetheless, he was still curious, despite the anger and sadness in him.

"Why did you have the stone with you?" he asked.

It's Aurilea's turn to feel difficult. Should she tell him the truth? She breathed hard. "I found it in this forest," she lied. She didn't want him to know about the old man and the deal she had made in the past.

"I... I am so sorry Aurilea,' Darius said. 'If you were to hold on to this stone forever, then we cannot be together anymore. I thought we can get married and..."

Aurilea took the stone and threw it away as far as she could. "Look, I have thrown it away. I won't hold on to this stone forever, but I will hold on to you forever, Darius..." she pleaded. She remembered the old man said about bringing the prince to him, but if she married Darius, Darius would be king and no longer a prince. The deal would be obsolete and the old man could not kill her.

She smiled.

"Aurilea... I..." Darius stammered.

She kissed Darius once again. "If the stone is bothering you, I would let go of it. Jewels and crystals are never my likings. I only seek love and care in this world, Darius. I love you..."

"I... love you too, Aurilea..."

~Chapter 7~

They got married after some time.

The entire Men City celebrated their wedding. The people were happy to have a new king and a queen. Songs, dance, fireworks and food were all over the city. And something to add on to the joy: the sea level never rose again and the flood had stopped.

It was all good news.

The memorable 'I do' event. The touching kiss. The ring and the crown. There was nothing that could make the people cried.

It was the happiest day for Aurilea and Darius. Even Danbo stood by and clapped his tiny hands.

~Chapter 8~

One night, Aurilea couldn't sleep. She found herself a green book of mystical arts and glowing symbols. She took the book to the Arbor of the Garden and read it, hoping it would make her sleep.

She opened the book carefully. An elaborated drawing of a blue dragon appeared before her eyes. She smiled. The book was magical. She loved magic. She continued enjoying the pictures, until a silver butterfly stopped and landed on the page she was reading.

She tried to touch it, but it flew away. The way it flew was playful, as if it wanted her to chase it. Then another butterfly appeared from nowhere, pecking at her cheek. Another one flew in and another, another and another... More and more butterflies appeared in the garden. And they were all moving in a direction.

She chased it, giggling softly as she did.

The butterflies took her around the maze of the gardens till she stopped giggling.

The old man appeared in front of her. "Your deal is up when the sun rises, Aurilea..." he said creepily.

"The deal is off," Aurilea said. "You want the prince, but there is no prince now. There is only a king here."

"The rules still apply, Aurilea," he said warningly. "Where is he now in the castle?"

"Why don't you get in yourself and find him?" Aurilea asked.

"You're not the innocent girl I know anymore," the old man said. "I cannot enter the castle. It is protected by ancient magic. So take him out and I'll spare your life."

"I won't," Aurilea said firmly.

"Very well," the old man nodded. He snapped his fingers. The silver butterflies changed into black butterflies dotted with evil blood red patterns. The butterflies then swarmed together to form a shape of Aurilea.

Aurilea was shocked.

The Aurilea replica opened its mouth and cried bitterly.

Aurilea realised the replica was tricking Darius to her. She ran to the old man to stop him but the old man grabbed her and steal her other half of the soul. She collapsed instantly as her body was soulless.

~Chapter 9~

Darius woke up and saw Danbo on his chest again.

"I hear weeping sounds and Aurilea is gone," he said. He took Terra from his cupboard and placed it in his pockets.

"Leave the stone when you hear a girl's moan, my lord,' Danbo warned.

"Arva is protected. Aurilea was the Aqua holder but she threw the stone away a long time ago, so Terra and Aqua won't be touching. Plus, I need Terra to protect her and she might be in trouble," Darius said. He dressed himself and raced down to where he had heard the weeping sound. Danbo followed him.

When he had reached the garden, he saw Aurilea lying on the grass, as pale as ever. He wanted to go to her but was intercepted by an old man.

"To get to her, give me Terra," the old man said.

"Keep your hands off, Kazdun," Danbo said.

"Kazdun? The infamous Kazdun?" Darius asked.

"Quit wasting time, the stone, Darius," Kazdun, the old man requested.

"You are not getting it," Darius defended.

"Oh, you will," Kazdun smiled evilly. He opened his two palms, on his left, a yellow orb floated slowly and on his right, the Aqua stone rest on it. "You can only exchange your Terra with only one of these. If you take the yellow orb, the girl lives, but I will create a new Arva. If you take the Aqua, the girl dies and you create a new Arva."

"Creating a new Arva would be condemned by every living thing on this world, why should I create a new Arva?" Darius questioned.

"That's exactly the point. You see, the offer is simple. I take the condemnation and you take the girl. Isn't that simple as it sounds?" Kazdun said.

"Simple as it sounds, but difficult as it does, Kazdun," Darius said.

"Time is running out, Darius," Kazdun warned.

"You have lots of patience back then. Why don't you just take it years ago?" Danbo asked.

"Because of love, my dear Danbo. Darius, your father was very devoted in preserving the power of Terra, that's why I cannot take it with my own hands when compared with the Elves. I admit, taking from the Elves is easy. But when I saw the girl's love for you 15 years ago, I know I have some leverage over you," Kazdun said.

"So you gave the Aqua to her?" Darius asked. "How did you get the Aqua?"

"A little persuasion, I suppose," Kazdun replied.

"It took more than a persuasion, Kazdun," Danbo interrupted. "You killed the Aurilea's parents when she was still a baby. You tricked another guardian like me to ask Aurilea's parents to come out from the castle. And you killed them instantly. You even killed the guardian."

"No, I didn't kill Aurilea's parents," Kazdun said. "I killed her entire Royal family line, except her. Pretty good at hiding her in the caslte anyway. But fear not, she is no longer an Elf. So the time of the Elves is over."

"Enough time wasted..." Darius said.

"Funny, that was what I thought at first," Kazdun said. "Now, hand over Terra please." The swarm of black butterflies surrounded Danbo and Darius, stopping them from escaping. "Now..."

Darius and Danbo hesitated.

"Times up for one choice," Kazdun said. He clenched his left hand. The yellow orb screamed and was absorbed into his body. "Aurilea is dead."

"No!" Darius cried.

"Now you have no choice," Kazdun grinned. "I can wield the power of Aqua now, Darius. I have the Royal line of Aurilea in me now. I can wield Aqua to destroy your kingdom now. Or you can just simply give me Terra."

"You give him Terra, my lord," Danbo said softy.

"What?" Darius was surprised.

"You give him Terra and I will snatch Aqua away from him while you tackle him. At the same time I will try to take Terra away from him," Danbo said. "Everything must be done quick. We cannot afford to lose another choice again."

Darius nodded. "Alright, Kazdun," he said as he took out the shining earthly golden Terra stone. "You can have it."

"Sensible boy," Kazdun said as he marched forward to take it.

Quick as lightning, Danbo burned the black butterflies around him and Darius and leapt to Kazdun's hand to grab away Aqua before Terra could reach into Kazdun's hand. Darius pushed Kazdun away. Both Darius and Kazdun fell on the floor and they wrestled.

"Kill me and you will kill Aurilea as well!" Kazdun yelled.

"You lied. Aurilea died the moment you destroyed her soul!" Darius cried.

"I absorbed her soul, you fool!" Kazdun said.

Darius halted.

Kazdun whacked Darius on his head and pressed him on the ground. "Now it's my turn to absorb yours. What can I say? Men are weak at love... Even the mightiest knight will collapse at the sight of love..."

Danbo muttered something softly. Kazdun was seen repelled away by an unseen force. A thin wisp of yellow smoke seeped out from his nostrils, eyes and mouth. The smoke settled near him and formed Aurilea in yellow smoke form.

Adding a few incantation, Aurilea underwent a transformation from a smoke to an Elven form. The smoke reached to her body lying on the grass and merged with it. Slowly, Aurilea's ear began to look pointy again and her eyes were sharper. She had become a true Elf by the help of Danbo.

Danbo threw Aqua to her and said, "Quick, use the power of Aqua to consume Kazdun!"

As soon as the stone landed on Aurilea's hand, the dark secrets of Kazdun was revealed in her mind. "You killed my family, you vicious wizard!" she cried. "I was the princess!"

Kazdun began to mutter some spell again.

Danbo let Darius held Terra to wield its power. Darius focused his mind and was able to create a small quake under Kazdun's feet. Kazdun fell and Darius created a crater for Kazdun. Kazdun sank ever further below the ground.

Then water rose from the crater, like a bowl being filled with water, Kazdun was drowned before he could have a chance to save himself. Darius was quick. He had managed to make the soil of the crater soft and let Kazdun sank beneath the earth, under the water. Then, he rose back the crater to make the land flat again. The water seeped below the ground and everything was back to normal again.

Darius ran to Aurilea. "Are you alright?"

Aurilea looked away. "I am an Elf already. I cannot be your wife. I have to return to Elven Kingdom."

"Danbo, why did you make her an Elf?" Darius questioned.

"She has a royal lineage. Only she can wield the power of Aqua. To save both of you, she needed to be an Elf again to regain her royal blood. Being a human, but wielding an Elven power will not work properly," Danbo explained.

Aurilea was crying now. "I am alright. I... I just have to go now..." She spun away from Darius.

Darius caught her hand and said, "Why do you need to leave me when you are an Elf? Why an Elf cannot stay with a Human? It's only because of protection and love. Because we have to protect Arva and love our race, we cannot afford to have Aqua and Terra collide. But now, we have to take a true path. Our love has proven this. To protect Arva and our people, there is always another way."

"I... Darius..." Aurilea said.

"I know. It's all going to be alright now. It's over now..." Darius said, hugging her tightly in his arms.


A few months later, there were no more Elven Kingdom and Men City. There arose a kingdom, called the City of Arva, the City of the World, where Elves and Men could live together, happily and peacefully, without discrimination and without conflicts.

It took much effort to bring to races together which were separated since thousands of years ago. It was supposed that the unity between two races would take more than years to realise. But the marriage of Darius and Aurilea had proven to everyone that putting aside differences and aiming on the same direction were the most important thing to protect Arva, their world and Elves and Men, their people.

To keep the stones out of touch once again, Darius and Aurilea had made something rather drastic. They used the some very last of the stones' power to lift the entire castle into the air. Unreachable and untamperable by anyone.

The silver butterflies would redecorate the floating castle, the Castle of the Sky. Waterfalls, perfume fountains, rock garden and many splendid heavenly designs were weaved around the castle. At some parts, the water of the waterfall touched the ground below the floating castle.

The people were overjoyed at such scene. Nobody would ever touch the stones again because the silver butterflies would fly around to protect the castle, like fairies protecting the flowers.

What about Danbo? He would be sitting on one of the High Chairs in the Castle of the Sky. He would be the Great Guardian of Arva Stones, looking over the stones, the Royals, the people and of course, Arva.

And Darius and Aurilea? They had something to add on to people's joy.

They had given birth the first Half Elven baby boy whose name was not given yet.

Would it be an Elven name? Or a Human name? Who cares, it's just a baby prince.

Names do not reveal its power, nor origin. Names are given because we love and care for the one who needs to be named.

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