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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Similarities vs Differences (Part II)

Dear bloggie,
It’s not about how I bond with people, I realized. It is about how I separate with people. I am just over possessive. I dominate my property. I patent them. That’s why the Cycle resurfaced again and again.

The patent is obsolete, expired.

What do you do to the food that is expired? You throw the food away and buy a new one.

So maybe that’s the reason.

But one question still remains in my mind: Do differences attract or similarities do?

Is it someone who has a lot of differences with another tends to attract (not sexually or romantically, what I mean is forming any relationship) because of the unlimited topic to talk about?

Is it someone who has similar characteristics with another tends to attract because of the similar topic to play around with?

Trying to seek for this answer really ‘wastes’ my time because every time I am closer to the truth, another question tries to pull me away from it.

Take for example, earlier this academic year, we went through a lot of differences, and in the end, it just didn’t work out.

That sometime later, there was another, with considerable amount of similarities, and it also didn’t work out.

Now, enrolling myself into Dance Club, I hope to seek another answer for my questions. As usual, I thought I can find the answer for my question. It happens around two weeks ago. Then one week ago, the answer to my question is ripped into two.


Now as I see things around me. (Literally ‘now’ at the time I am writing this), the answer seems to be similarities do attract. I even see an old man in university. I feel pity for him. I see him walking, eating, online-ing (yes, online-ing) alone. Now I know, generation gap does exist, despite the fact that it didn’t happen in my family.

Yeah, you know I admit myself as an old man. So you get what I mean?

I remembered a Chinese proverb: “Those who really understands music in the world is very few.” It’s an analogy claiming that there is no such thing as eternal relationships. Even it exists, the chances are very low.

I think it is time the society needs a change in their mindset.
Or maybe my mindset, before either parties is wiped out from existence.

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