Friday, June 24, 2011


It seems like Dance Drama is approaching and I can feel an overwhelming sadness sweeping over slowly from my feet.

I just...

I have to thank all the friends I have made after Karaoke Competition. I thank Steph for suggesting me being a helper for the Dance Drama and finally becomes a committee member.

I also have to thank Dominance for that, for without him, I wouldn't have today. He is the best guy I have ever seen, although I keep reaping advantages from him, especially the 'carpool' thingy. Sorry la. But because of him, I know many people directly and indirectly.

Thanks to Fido. Somehow, I think he is a person that can untangle my messy mind when he talks. I don't know whether he knew it or not, but somehow the way he talks to me really lifts my mind off, like today, for instance, after the SRC introduction, I was depleted. But he talked to me and as if magical, I feel great again. Thanks.

Thanks to Sayang too. I remembered the first time we met huh. Your eyes are bright. There are lots of dreams you can achieve before you can realise. I really hope that I can help you achieve those. But I have to stop. Those are your dreams. Go for it. I really thank you for the dinner you bought me. But hey, stick back to your friends, will ya? I am just a passerby to your life. =D

This early half of the semester seems to be dominated by Alpha Male. Is it a good news or bad? I don't know. I just miss those days after that.

Sigh, if only most of them are from FBF and same age with me.

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