Friday, June 17, 2011

Bu Shuang

Bu shuang (Hokkien: bo song, English: unhappy with something, somebody)

That phrase often pops up in everyone's mouth in university. That pissed my mind off. I don't mind you shout 'Bu shuang!', or even shout 'I Bu shuang you say me pissed your mind!'.

The more you shout that, the more I shake my head.

One thing I learn about students here: they are still having a childish mindset. Look, I am not looking for an uproar of the entire community to boo at me or make enemy, but hey, it's my blog. I have to express it out. XP

I have one friend, A, who keeps yelling 'I hate him! I hate him! I hate him! I bu shuang!!!' whenever A sees B. I was like, huh, are you still a child or what.

I was told since I was a kid that, there is nobody in the world that you never 'bu shuang' with. Not even a pair of old husband and wife. There is always a tiny misunderstanding, a tiny argument.

What more, in this world, we focus on teamwork rather than sole dominance?

Don't tell me when you enter your first job and find that one employee you don't like and you keep shouting out literally or in blog? Hey, wake up guys! There are more than 1,000 employees in a normal size organisation and don't you tell me all of them suits your appetite?

[Whispers: no wonder you break up with your partner so many times]

Serious. I don't like hearing people yelling 'bu shuang!' in front of me. If you do, I really 'bu shuang' already. I mean, like, can't you just open your mind and accept something you don't like? If you hate it so much, why don't you just walk away and shut your mouth?

If you say 'I have no choice! I see the person I hate everywhere I go!', then go to the toilet and shout. Don't you DARE shout around like an idiot. You can just look away, walk away. Nobody forces you to look at the thing you hate most.

Simple as that.

You like eating shit? No? Then don't be a kid shouting 'I bu shuang shit!' all the time. If you don't like eating shit, just avoid the shit. Nobody asks you to approach the shit and look at it, or even touch it.

Hate 'that someone' who keeps yelling this. You irritate me, especially the person is someone's friend also. Bigmouth!

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