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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Reactivated - Extended Version

The tattoo. Just a tattoo. A simple one. Washable. No worries. If those who are from my secondary school or NS, or more specifically my novel readers, they will recognise the sign immediately. No, it's not I am in love or something, I am just having the fun in the midst of mess and stress.

I reactivated my lost symbol after so many years. And it's back on my hand. ^^

It's not really stress, it's just that my schedule is getting jampacked. Remember the photo I posted about the squaries and calendar? Well, congratulations to me, this whole week is fully booked by events. But I am still available at night. Date me out to chill me!

Dance Drama, it isn't really a UTAR's mega-event, but hey, the tickets are really selling out fast. I mean, for those who missed out the advertising, we include transportation and refreshments! Muahaha.... Gonna love Block C Cafeteria for the amazing students' response.

I remembered during that time the ticket was sold only... argh, never mind, it is such a wonderful thing to see things are reactivating to max. It's like an oxygen tank refilled. So much to use, so much to vitalise!

Another thing has been 'reactivated'. And I am not quite like it. I thought it is supposed to be ended as soon as a new semester started, but it was otherwise. I expected this to happen when the 'activities' started warming up over three days. So I guessed sooner or later this 'activity' will soon hit up on me.

And sadly it did.

Alright, it's ok, at least something offset it off.

And that's Sayang. LOL. Don't mistaken Sayang as my 'sayang'. His name is Sayang, that's what people call him. LOL. Smart eyes and intelligent brain. Not to say his dancing talent. And yes, I was thankful enough that I know this guy.

Sounds gay huh? That' WHAT most people think of friendship nowadays. =.=. Anyway, I am just glad to know him. And I owe him a lot. Especially I let him waited for me for two times consecutively two days. Day one was the breakfast meet-up, Day two (today) was the blazer handover.

All because of miscommunication and misunderstanding. LOL. Luckily none of us is angry or pissed off against each other. LOL...

Another thing I owe him is a meal.

He bought me dinner when he bought himself one.

I mean...
How can you find a friend like that?

I know Steph bought me dinner once, Qi Wen bought me porridge when I was sick or Andy took me for dinner when I needed one, Or even sailou took me out a few times for food.

Bad me =(

Well, gotta have my dinner soon. Ciao peepies!

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