Thursday, June 16, 2011


Dear bloggie,
I am writing to you again to unleash my feelings in me.

Lately, defamatory accuses have been circulating around me that I have defamed someone. I was like: "Huh?". For those who have known me for years, they would have known that I am not the person who defames people.

I mean, defame them for what, seriously?

What do I get if I successfully defame someone? At most, I just can smile for a week to see someone falls. But hey, that smile only lasts for a week. I am not a guy that is into short-termness.

And, I refrain from defaming people because it's cheap. I strongly believe that, if you have the ability, people will recognise you, no point defaming someone to get attention. I always believe in proving ownself. If you fail that, don't you dare try dirty tricks.

I admit, I am clean. I never break any rules. I don't take bribes, I don't fall for pity or love.

I am a hard-punched iron heart guy who isn't afraid of any threats or seduction.


By the way, recent events has sent turmoils in my emotion control centre. I suddenly become extremely volatile. Switching between moods within seconds. As if I am experiencing menopause or menstruation.

Today I walked to school. I was glad that I helped someone on the way. I was glad that someone noticed my emotion disruption.

I didn't know my expressions were that obvious.

I will change, I promise.

After this week, my status is going to change. No more blabbering nonsense. Trying to be someone like I used to be.

For that, I have to take the price of not having a best friend in campus.

It's tough, but it should be done (I sound like Luna Moonfang here).

And I seriously hope that someone would pick up my CWW messages (3 of them, in total) and able to shed some light for their lives.

Bye bloggie

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