Monday, June 13, 2011

Bumble Bee

Dear bloggie,

Aiks, it's been a while. Seeing those cobwebs and dusts, and even insect corpses around my bloggie. Sorry bloggie! I promise I will 'mouse'dust you later!

Hectic schedule calls for hectic life.

This is it.

I thought being involved with ONLY Dance Drama will take my life off for a while. But it seems like the meetings of Dance Drama is going on and on and on and on... Even in 15 minutes later. I need to rush to finish this blog on time.

Then SRC (Student Representative Committee) came into my way, and I wrote the position as 'Auditor'. So far no opposition teams yet. But I wonder why I joined. For fun? Or because there isn't any chance left to join because year 3 is PROHIBITED to join. WTH.

Then came the Music Club Weekly Classes. Major issues happened today and I am not going to discuss about it because why should I talk about it when neither of you guys can change or solve it? XD.

Then assignments... Talent Time bla bla bla...

Need a shoulder sometimes to lie on. Especially today... 8am to 8pm class, I walked to school with Puay Cian and Sock Thing from 7.20am. Then I SKIPPED a class. I don't want to, but I have to... argh...

Then luckily 8pm Jing Cong took me back, if not, I cycled till 8.30pm baru sampai rumah. I don't know what should I do know between 8pm and 9pm. I can't have my dinner, nor do my homework. I am just sitting around here wasting my time writing blog...

OKOK!!! Writing a blog is not wasting time...

Oh ya, and another matter of Arts and Craft Society... LOL... I wrote a story about it. Yup, you guessed that right, the story of Aurilea and Darius. But I will be deleting that post after this week. For secrecy purpose... muahahaha...

And I have to write 13 songs for the story and be the leader of the 3D designer team... Aiks

I punggung gatal or what? Why I am so busy?

I count with my fingers: this sem only has Dance Drama and nothing else. Why the heck I am so busy? Look at my planner. Those with square box around it means there is something to do on that day. The description is next to the planner. Guess what? The description manages to reach up to one page full.

I seriously need a shoulder or someone to chill me out.

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