Thursday, June 30, 2011


Hmm, I guess many of you think why I am so quiet on Facebook nowadays. Many reasons, though. Some are even created by my friends for teasing (or praising? I dunno) me.

One big example would be: "You SRC liao ma, a celebrity liao, cannot simply say things or post things. Later people curse you!"

I was like, huh, right.

Another reason would be: "Dance Drama wor... sure busy la... Saturday and Sunday also have to go to school from 8am to 8pm. Somemore become a stage director wor. Damn LC."

I... am... speechless on this.

But one main reason holds.

You see, I used to bombard Facebook walls because I expressed whatever I felt out to the Internet, including my blog, of course. Even I ate some chicken that tasted like fish, I will post it out on Facebook.

But it gets better than before, when I used to have a lunacy of wanting my post to be 'like'-ed and 'comment'-ed.


Now, I don't need to express it out anymore. I feel much more lighter than before. I am just as glad as that. Some of you here please don't think too much, although some of you here might guess out why.


I just hope that it is worth after all this sh*t around me.


Another thing: Being a stage director is not easy after my 2nd attempt. Some people hate you for being strict and disciplined. Some people like you for making the whole set of performance running smoothly.

Aiks. I am getting more like Simon Cowell, or Steve Jobs, where people love and hate working with them.

And by the way, welcome to my new nickname: Dr Broccoli, although I still prefer the name Neruvatar.


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