Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Dear bloggie,

Today was not quite a bad day. I hadn't had much sleep over two days and my eyes are getting darker than ever. I woke up around 6.40am in the morning but lazed around on the bed for at least ten minutes before a lightning flash gave me hope and worry.

Hope: because I don't have to attend class and I can sleep more. Imagine my class is 8am to 930am then 630pm to 8pm. I straight take away the 8am class and I can sleep like a log. Yeah, cycling while raining is definitely not a good idea.

Worry: because the subject I am taking at 8am class is Basic Econometrics. Super tough subject. Analysing graphs and regression models. If I skipped BE class, I am like digging one scoop for my grave.


Then I was in such a rush. I forgot my pendrive (Caution: BE class without pendrive will lead to a consequence that the tutor will shoo you out of class), and I went back up to take it. Guess what, in return, I left my planner behind and my BE tutorial answers. Fortunately, I wasn't being shooed out.


Then I kepoh, went to Music Club Weekly Classes for fun and complaining how to go back since my friend's friend's friend brought me to uni and no one is taking me back. Fortunately, I realised my duty time is 12pm to 2pm. If I went back, I guessed no one will be guarding the booth and I sure get some 'feedbacks' over.


Then I saw the Dance Drama Roadshow. For this, I have to salute to my sailou. Despite all the stress he is undergoing, he still can be the emcee and talk and prepare all the equipments himself. Being his dailou, I feel like I am a wee bit useless. I didn't help much, except seeing him carrying speakers, mics and stuffs here and there.

And worse, I was enjoying my mango juice.

I am a bad brother, am I?

And 'worser', I even asked him to take me home after my 8pm class today. I was like - after 30 minutes - stunned and ashamed of myself taking advantage of people's time. Because early in the morning around 8am, I called him (definitely disturbed his sleep or on his way to school or even his own class) to buy a topup card for my friend. AND, I asked him to inform my friend about the number.


I am feeling bad about this. Give an inch and I am in for a mile. Should have stop this. Because of this, I totally neglected my bicycle. *Sobs* sorry bikey! I am going to take you for a ride to uni tomorrow. I promise!




Really, suddenly I feel like wanna find someone to chill out together at one quiet place, where we can have a drink or some light snacks and talk till morning.


Dear bloggie, I bid you good night. I don't want to blabber more

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