Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I am Lost

I just don't know what to say. I have lost all my contemporary friends. Now, whenever I walk in university, I keep hearing people say going for shopping, clubbing, movie-ing, karaoke-ing etc.

They asked me to join. And they were disappointed.

First, I never shop. I don't even shop for clothes. The first place I dash into in the shopping mall, is MPH bookstores. No, I am not a bookworm, but sometimes I can feel peace in the bookstore than those freaks shopping for clothes repetitively for 5 hours, and ended up nothing.

I don't have a sense of fashion. I wear casually, or formally, depending on the situation, but never wear like those very stylish thingy. No, that's not me.

Clubbing? No way. I have my way of relaxing. Definitely not clubbing. I don't like the atmosphere either. It's evil. And one thing I hate is to see girls getting drunk in the pub. That's so rude. I mean, you lost your dignity when you are heavily drunk.

Sorry to be straight and traditional. I won't accept girls who club as girlfriends. And I don't think Men who drink is macho. What kind of nonsense theory is this?

I prefer hanging out with friends in a cafe, or somewhere elegant, not necessarily expensive or classic place. Just chitchat, have some food, have some trip. A movie is acceptable.

For karaoke, I can't sing. I am tone-deaf and voice-dumb. I don't sing Chinese songs, Korean or Japanese songs. No matter, I am just a listener.

After reading this blog, I bet you think I am boring person.

So, in a rude way, piss off my life if you wish to find something interesting to do with me.

I am boring.
I don't entertain.
The only entertainment I bring is jokes.

My life is different. My mission is different.

I am born as a teacher, grow as a guider, old as a tutor. I love helping people.

So, if you think I am interesting, I am glad to know you.
If you want to hang out with me, think THRICE.

I don't want to disappoint anyone.

tomorrow I have to walk to school and have breakfast. Meet me at Block C if you want.

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