Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I was tired, no, am tired, but here I am, still glueing my butt on the chair typing this blog. Classes are damn boring. MIFS, Sun Zi and lastly CRM.

You know what? I slept on an arbor bench 4.40pm today. Alright, an arbor is a pondok like thingy and the one in UTAR is at Block I, with scary creepers crawling all over. It was all windy and the lapping noise of the lake.

I slept.

LOL... really, it was all too tired. But I am glad that my brother was there, somehow my fatigue is got sucked up and away.

Thanks brother!

And oh ya, today a girl, an unknown girl but somewhat familiar came to me and ask, "You are Meen Zzzz right?"

I nodded slowly while my brain performed superfast scanning to match her face against all recognised faces in my memory. Before any matches came up, she was gone. Walking daintily to her class.

Who was she? How did she know my name? Is she the one who questioned Wai Kit during the SRC campaign?


PS: I saw something naughty in campus today!

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