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Monday, July 4, 2011

Favoritism vs Fairness

I am always a black-hatter, according to Edward de Bono. I always judge people's ideas. I shoot them down, and never gives face to them if the idea is beyond stupidity, as if I am a professional thinker (which I am not). I reject ideas that doesn't benefit much from others. I reject ideas that don't have good back-up plans.

Even though you are my best friend.

I treat people equal. You break the rule, I will shoot you down. I don't care. I don't care if I offend someone in this way. As long as you are wrong, you are DEFINITELY wrong. You admit, you change. I don't want to hear any excuses.

Even though you are my best friend.

My fair treatment to all has someone calling me Simon Cowell or Steve Jobs. They both love and hate working with me because of this attitude. From this attitude, they know I am 'clean'. I don't backstab. I see things wrong, I kill. I see things right, I praise.

Simple as that.

But somehow, lately, there has been a change of tides. My senses are already tickling in. Remember I said, lately I have no philosophies or any ideas to think about? It's now different. I guess my immunity to certain factors work.

Favoritism somehow plays a small part in this semester. It seems like I am failing my 'professionalism'. I become more like a Red-hatter of Edward de Bono than a black-hatter. I help those who are really helping, and stop helping those who are not really helpful.

That's when I realise my mistake.

Rumours and backstabbing begin to swarm around me, like misty ghosts.

I went back Ipoh last Friday, had my mind cleared off in my very antique looking study room, with my younger brother joked around with me and my mother who 'somehow predicted' what would happen to me telling me things that I should know.

Amongst the topic: "Your best friend is your worst enemy in university."

LOL at that one.

But, seriously, during my complete isolation from the student community of UTAR, I have come to a revelation that helps me on my pilgrimage.

Favoritism vs Fairness.

Now, tell me: which one do you choose? It doesn't matter whether you are a black hatter or a red hatter, just don't be a mad hatter.

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