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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Solitude Moon

It's all sunny outside, and usually when I see a group of people hanging out or playing, I used to have a kind of feeling swarming up to my veins. Sad? Envious? I don't know, but I am sure I don't like that feeling.

Feeling of being left alone.

Nobody likes that, but somehow someone can manage to live with it. Today is Sunday, perfect hot sun and nice nap (which I didn't nap). I started my day at 8am, with the first post on Facebook: "Today: Complete isolation. Mind is on something else, so don't disturb."

Amazingly, really, no one actually disturbs me all day. Really, thanks a lot!

There is a reason why I want complete isolation. But to keep things short, it's about affiliation. Here, if you are reading this (damn well you should!), then if you think I am talking about you (damn well it's you), then this blog is made specially for you (damn well it must!)

It doesn't mean that I be with someone means I am with someone. You get what I mean? What the heaven is wrong with you? I stay on one gang longer than the other, does not mean I prefer that gang than the other. What mentality is this?

If you want to take things like this, then sorry, you don't know me. I am sick of treating everyone nice. If I treat A nice, B said I am bias, forgetting B. Then if I turn back to B, A will say I am bias.

Well, you know shit about this. LOL. I am not pissed off (notice the 'LOL' there). I am gravely disappointed with...



Well, I realise, the best days are Foundation Sem 2, where I have no affiliation with anyone. I go even. No favouritism. No bias. No one. That could mean good news, as there are no worries, no negative issues, no jealousy, no wars.

Peace on Earth and Piss on You.

So today, you mess me up. I can't feel like what I supposed to feel. I lost my feelings. I can't feel things right. I can't feel myself. That's why, isolation. I am going to refrain myself from talking, chatting, joking, playing, commenting or whatever means of communication.

I am going to stay silent till things are over.

Solitude moon always shines the brightest without the stars.

Again: Peace on Earth and Piss on You.

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