Friday, July 8, 2011


"I hate to say this, but hey, I love you..."

Blah, just a random quote picked from elsewhere to start off my blog.

Nothing to talk about, except this morning I woke up with a very odd feeling. A kind of feeling that twists and turns in my heart, as if it is trying to strangle me. And the blood is rushing fast.

OK, stop the ketam.

What I mean is, I can easily be jealous of someone. LOL. That's so not like me right? I mean, when I see the person that I thought is close to me runs off having fun with other people, I will feel distasteful.

I don't think that's jealousy.

I think I am way too possessive.

But I have one positive thing to overcome it. I love seeing people happy, despite the fact that I am one of them and not getting the happiness they got. Seeing them snapping photos, smiling, playing etc are often a kind of relief that the positivity atmosphere is there.

And one corner of my heart will whisper: "You're doing just fine."

I will stand there and smile in my heart, just to see the happy people jumping around. But little did they know that, sometimes a crack, or a fissure appears in my heart. Nah, who cares? As long as they are happy. LOL.

Thinking back what my mum had told me when I was in Ipoh last week. I knew what to do. Thanks, mum. I won't be dragged down by the force of friendships anymore. Haha.

What I am going to do is:
1) Repay all debts
2) Focus on studies
3) SRC

Relationships and friendships?
Nah, pooh.... I am not going to focus those unless it's related to my studies. So PuayCian, SockThing, I am still your friend. HAHAHAHA. Others? Well................

OK, enough of blabbering. Going to sleep before I see more things that make me jealous even more. LOL


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