Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Shell [Sci-Fi Episode 1]

At Sahara Desert, the cold wind was blowing and the moon sailed low. There the traveller could hear the chirrup of the desert crickets and cactus owls howl. He laid his camel by his side and gazed at the millions of stars above him. He felt like he was a Babylonian, calling names for the stars.

His camel muffled in discomfort. He checked the luggage on its back. Yes, it was there, a cool blue cylinder engraved with golden swirls. A perfect gift that would earn him a year of luxury.

Then, something caught his attention above. A star began to wobble against the background of the sky. This was nothing usual. He kept the cylinder back and stared at the anomalous star. It flickered in dismay and then expanded, then contracted, like a balloon or bubble gone awry.

He shielded his eyes against the glaring light from the star, he could even trace out his finger bones through the light. Then he heard a loud boom and nothing.

The night was like before.

He blinked his eyes a few times, and saw not far away, an oasis was there. Or more specifically, a lake was there with high reflection, as if it was a mirror. He scratched his head. He had travelled so many times across the Sahara and never did he meet before a lake there.

He walked there carefully.

Then, a crunch was heard. He pulled away his feet and saw he was stepping on glass. Wait, glass? No doubt, the shattered glass pieces was found around the lake. As he approached the lake he found that the lake was steaming hot.

This was not quite right.

It's night time, the lake shouldn't be that hot.

He reached his fingers to touch it.

And at the next moment, he wished he hadn't touch it.

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