Monday, July 25, 2011


Oops, the title should be 'friends', I supposed? XD


Remembering what my mum 'suddenly' told me about don't get too focus on something or someone. Now I get what my mum was trying to say. Because my mum MIGHT (notice the capital letters) notice my Cycle is coming to an end.


You might be asking why I laugh when most of the time, when the Cycle ended, I will be damn sad. Well, tell you this, luckily I have back-ups. I mean, I have friends who support me whenever I need them.

The best thing is, they come without asking the following questions:
1)Are you alright?
2) Anything wrong?
3) etc

They just come and say something like, 'Kia, let's go eat!' or 'Yumcha?'

Simple words, but I know, during that eating time, a lot of emotional words are coming out, where we spill our inner problems together and laugh it off.

I really like it.

My friend even tell me one thing: don't look for best friends in university. There won't be any, unless you know them since you are in school. Then, there might be a slight possibility.

Otherwise, give up your hope on searching.


I did. I really did give up my hope. Ha. I know, I know. You are like 'WTH? Give up your hope???'

But I give up for a reason. I don't want to hurt anyone, including myself. Ha. I can be very possessive. I thought I mentioned it last time.

Quite true. Don't get too friendly and care towards someone who is not of your family. Just have fun with them. Even my tutor told me there is no such thing as true best friends, because nobody can be your ideal best friends.


I know many of you have your own friend circles, so I am glad I have none. Because if I do, I will disturb your friend circles and make myself jealous whenever I see you all come out without me.

See? I am possessive. Once I got you, I GOTTA have you.


Enough for this post.


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