Saturday, July 16, 2011


Someone told W that she has been making up stories and backstabbing people, plus numerous 'wild attitude' against that idiot last semester. And there are a bunch of people believe that someone rather than W's own words.

People always say, men's words cannot be trusted. But why W's words cannot be? I was there, by her side when she got her SMS. It was no mistake of what I saw. I knew what was in the message box. She showed me. I wasn't angry. I am just, you know, laughed at the fact that some people are really childish when making fun of others, like W, and the timing was not right at all.

Fancy asking for assignment matters and yet that fellow replied jokingly. If you are not serious, that think before you reply the SMS. W was just concerned of her own assignment and yet you replied her with ridiculous message, like stating that W's boyfriend (which in fact is not) at the side of the SMS recipient.

I know it's a small matter. But when W lectured them back, they heboh-heboh the whole thing as if it is worth broadcasted on CNN, Al-Jazeera or BBC news, and worse, some people even believe in their story.

Alright, W, I hereby announce that you are INNOCENT. I know. I was there. You showed me your phone when the incident occur. They blamed you for nothing. They are the one who backstabbed you.

Never mind, W, you still got us. *wink wink*

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