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Friday, July 29, 2011


Today was my happiest day.

Woke up at 8am and began minding my own business, brushed my teeth, soaked myself in a bathtub. Have biscuits and coffee. Sitting in front of the laptop, watching PORN (Piles Of Rugged Notes), but yeah, occasionally a porn video. XD. Right. I am studying for my midterm for this week, and played DotA for three rounds (keep owning, I don't know why. XD)

Then I fell asleep for my afternoon nap for one hour. Woke up. Went to campus for SRC meeting, ended at 8pm. Rushed home. Tried to call delivery but ended up in hesitation. No appetite. Don't know why. And I am still lazy to study. But I am relaxing...

Happy because?

No SMSes. Haha. No one asked me about homework. No one asked me about nonsense. No one asked me about how I am doing here. No one SMS me about delivering porno video (those idiotic number who sends you "Mau tengok gambar eksklusif ah moi kapal terbang?" sort-of thing).

It's all too quiet.

OK, there are some points above that I lied. Can you spot those?

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